What Emergency? Obama’s EMERGENCY Funding for the Border Crisis Only Spends $25 Million This Year

July 21, 2014

return to senderSenator Jeff Sessions today urged his Senate colleagues to co-sponsor Senator Cruz’ bill stopping Obama’s overreach in his efforts to grant amnesty via executive order to millions of ILLEGAL aliens. The bill requires that we won’t spend any money providing documents to anyone in the country unlawfully as defined by the laws of America.

Session asks his U.S. Senate colleagues:

“Does anybody not respect this institution? Do we not respect the House of Representatives, the United States Senate? Have we gotten so partisan that we don’t care what the president does to diminish Congress? Don’t we have an institutional responsibility, a Constitutional responsibility to defend the legitimate powers of Congress? Sure, we can disagree sometimes, but this one is not a matter of disagreement, it seems to me. This is an overreach of dramatic proportions.”

Of the $3.7 billion in emergency funding (every penny would be borrowed) Sessions points out only $25 million would actually be spent this year. What kind of emergency is that? Sounds like a massive Democratic slush fund to me. In fact, Sessions doesn’t think any funding should be made available unless & until Obama agrees to swear off any more executive orders on immigration.

And while ka-zillionaires Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Sheldon Adelson, whine that we should increase H-1B foreign guest visas, the US Census Bureau reports that nearly 3/4ths of American STEM graduates cannot find work in these fields (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math). This while as many as half of these positions are filled by H-1B foreign guest workers. Microsoft just announced a layoff of 18,000 workers, perhaps so they can hire cheaper foreign workers. How unpatriotic is that?

But somebody is finally doing something about the border situation. Governor Rick Perry is sending the Texas National Guard to the border to shore up the manpower needed there. I hope that the other border state governor will follow suit. Somebody has to do something!

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I Love This Guy! Watch Milton Friedman School a Brainwashed Liberal

July 20, 2014

Recall if you can what was one of President Obama’s first acts as president shortly after his election? Okay, I know it was a long time ago, so I’ll help you out. He squashed the school voucher program in Washington D.C. During campaign debates he said he was open to vouchers but Obama flip-flopped and joined the Democrats who have always opposed vouchers.

Of course the president sends his girls to private schools as any president would. And it’s not that he doesn’t think school choice wouldn’t be better for the inner city kids of Washington D.C., but the fact of the matter is he cares more about the party line against school choice (they’d rather have victims) and the teacher’s unions than he does about giving these poorer, mostly black kids a leg up in getting a good education.

Listen to Milton Friedman educate this brainwashed liberal on school choice in the black community.

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One Corrupt Big Government Crony-Capitalist is as Good as Another

July 17, 2014

There’s really very little difference between most career polilticians, Republican or Democrat, in office or out, or seeking office or re-election. They’re all pretty much the same.

I guess former President George Bush has been feeling sorry for Hilary since she’s so broke and all. Dubb-ya’s  had a bum knee and can’t keep a speaking engagement so Hillary is filling those shoes. It’s a not a problem for the audience, Ameriprise Financial, Inc. (NYSE: AMP), just another big, elite, financial advisor group skimming from Wall Street and in bed with governmen elites; makes no difference to them what stripe (Democrat or Republican) their benefactors are.

Hillary will lie


Geo Bush

George Bush signs biggest Medicare expansion in history!

This from Drudge:

Bush’s substitute speaker: Hillary Clinton

Former President George W. Bush was supposed to give a speech to Ameriprise Financial conference in Boston next week but had to bow out because he’s recovering from surgery on a bum knee. But the financial services firm was able to secure a prominent substitute speaker: Hillary Clinton.

Clinton’s speech, confirmed by two sources familiar with the event, is the latest in a series of paid speaking-circuit gigs for the former secretary of state and likely 2016 presidential contender, who charges upward of $200,000 to deliver remarks or take part in question-and-answer sessions.

Bush, who has also been on the paid speaking circuit, was anticipated as the main attraction at the event, sources said. But a Bush aide confirmed that he had to drop out after he had a second partial knee replacement surgery last weekend in Chicago. His first surgery, on the other knee, was in May. To read the whole story click here.

BTW, to underscore my point, Jay Carney, President Obama’s last spokes-idiot, retired from that post less than a month is now reportedly pulling down $100,000/speaking gig. Why? Because presumably he’s got inside knowledge that big businesses wants. He’s officially now part of the elite 1% and he did it on the backs of you and me! Talk about inequality.

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What The Hell is the World Coming To?

July 15, 2014

This would be funny if it weren’t so true. Jesse Watters takes a stroll with his microphone to one of the 2 most liberal states (Hawaii & Vermont) to check in with the folks.

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Beating Your Head Against The Wall

July 11, 2014

Here is how to give yourslef a big headache:  Try to get a straight answer from Obama Administration officials.

The majority of the $3.7 billion requested by Obama to handle the fake humanitarian crisis at the border will go to social services for these illegal immigrants at the expense of US citizens. IT IS NOT ABOUT SECURING THE BORDER or stopping the flow of illegals over the border.

Why is governments first solution to any problem more money?

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Just Like He ‘Recruits’ Illegal Immigrants, Obama Now Seeking Muslims for Pentagon & Military Positions

July 10, 2014

Hat-tip World Net Daily.

Even many Democrats now agree the out of control border situation was totally created (intentionally, IMHO) by President Obama’s policies and his refusal to enforce the law. Now he’s endangering US citizens and our national security with more, intentional malpractice.

“In 2009, a U.S. Army Maj. Nidal Hasan, shouting “God is great,”opened fire and killed 13 of his colleagues. Later, authorities acknowledged that Hasan, a psychiatrist, was linked to Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula.”

The futureHere’s the latest act in his plan to “fundamentally change America”. Reblogged from World Net Daily from WorldTribune.com.

Comments Please!

The administration of President Barack Obama has been identifying Muslims in the military in an effort to encourage their presence.

Officials said the Defense Department has been keeping records and tracking Muslims. They said the administration sought to attract Muslims both to the military and to the Pentagon.

“Our nation and our entire military family remain stronger because of the service and sacrifice of people of all faiths, including the thousands of patriotic Muslim Americans who have served and still serve in this long period of war,” Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work said last week.

The U.S. military currently has 4,500 uniformed Muslims, the Pentagon said on July 3. It was not clear how the Pentagon identified the Muslims. The department has not given statistics on members of other religious faiths.

Critics have accused the administration of promoting Islam as the preferential faith in the United States. Over the last year, a senior adviser to the Homeland Security Department, Mohamed Elibiary, issued a statement that said the U.S. Constitution was “Islamically compliant” and that a Muslim caliphate was “inevitable.”

“I said America was an Islamic country not a Muslim country,” Elibiary said in a Twitter post on June 30.

On July 3, Work attended the annual Pentagon ceremony of Iftar, or the evening dinner after a day-long fast that continues throughout the Muslim month of Ramadan. The Pentagon has been conducting the ceremony since 1998 in commemoration of Islam.   Read the rest here.

Is it just me or everyone? This is nuts!

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Laura or Bill? Who’s Got it Right? How to Solve Our Immigration Nightmare & Rebuild our National Security

July 6, 2014

My vote goes to Laura Ingraham. You decide, but due to President Obama’s policies over the last 5+ years of NOT enforcing federal immigration laws and obstructing states from enforcing them we have a massive crisis on our hands.

To sum it up here is what we should do and do it now:

  1. Deport illegal immigrants (a phrase BTW, just banned by Obama!) by the thousands -yes keep those families together -deport them en masse
  2. Stop visas and foreign aid to any country refusing to repatriate their citizens who left to come illegally to America
  3. End birthright citizenship. It’s a magnet
  4. Impose strict penalties on employers who hire illegals
  5. Build walls and fences. They work otherwise the White House would not be fenced
  6. No welfare to any households that house illegals
  7. No bank accounts, rental agreements, driver licenses, etc., for illegals
  8. Require federal, state & local law enforcement to work together and cooperate on ending the illegal immigration problem

Bill’s lame excuse that these measures would spell the end of the Republican party are just that -lame. The Republican party is toast if they don’t implement these measures and PDQ!

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)


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