What Has Trump Done Besides Tweet?

December 14, 2017

Many of you know I attend a Kaffee-klatch every week where a small group and I discuss current events in the context of the Constitution. I keep a list of Trump’s presidential accomplishments to keep us going (like pulling us out of the Paris Accord, recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol, growing the economy as evidenced by more stock market records than ever before, etc.), but our meetings often devolve into bitch-fests about the government in general and the latest assault on our liberty by both sides. A recent example of this would be the taxpayer-funded secret slush fund that Congress has that they have been using to pay off victims of sexual assault. Now this has evolved into demanding that President Trump immediately resign because of the many women who’ve come forward to accuse him of forcing himself on them. Stop right there! Did you happen to catch the idiots screaming at the sky not too long ago lamenting the 1-year anniversary of the election of Donald Trump? Or how about the woman’s march right after he was elected?

Democratic women Senators demanding Senator Franken resignation

Now ask yourself, just how difficult would it be to come up with 18 women (or whatever the current number may be) to claim that Trump assaulted them?  Answer:  Not hard at all. But they’ve thrown Franken under the bus, so they have to stick to this tactic. Remember the narrative has changed from Russian collusion, to obstruction of justice and now to sexual assault requiring he step down from office. If the Dims take the House in the 2018 midterms, Trump’s impeachment will be job-1.

But back to my original story line here. What has Trump done besides Tweet (aside from driving the progs out of their ever-loving minds)? President Trump has drastically reduced regulations. His executive order right after he was inaugurated mandated that for every new regulation, two must be eliminated. But Office of Management and Budget (OMB) director Mick Mulvaney reports that the ratio is in fact 22/1. This is huge. If you’ve ever run your own business or tried to start a business you would know this. Twenty percent of all small businesses fail in the first year and government regulations have a lot to do with this. The economy under Nobama (as measured by GDP) never reached 3% in his entire 2 terms, but Trump has achieved that for 2 quarters in a row & consumer confidence is at a 17-year high. He’s on a roll and doesn’t intend to stop. We don’t expect the Dims to support anything he does (they’re still screaming at the sky) but just imagine if he had the GOP behind him!

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I Like This A Lot

December 11, 2017

Hat-tip The American Thinker and specifically Robert Oscar Lopez for his outstanding article on how to fix higher education. We all know college campuses are a mess and as Lopez says, higher education as we know it is indefensible. If in doubt take a gander at what these Berkeley students think about free speech.

Anyway here is Lopez’ fix for higher education and I like it a lot!

It starts with cutting all financial favors to colleges that do no adhere to a strict, revised standard for higher education and its obligation to the public good. No more direct subsidies plus tax exemptions and deductions. No more backing of student loans by the federal government -that’s what drove tuition sky-high. Accreditation for new programs must favor all of society, rather than one institution, individual or class of people. Here are some of my favorite of his conditions:

  1.  Nobody can enroll in a liberal arts program without first doing one to two years learning a practical trade. You know like plumbing, bookkeeping, computer repair, etc., real life skills that alone would lead to much higher employment.
  2. No school other than religious seminary type schools, should have any department that excludes a political perspective. No feminist studies, queer studies, ethnic studies, or sustainability studies!
  3. No school receiving federal funds should have tenure! Tenured faculty waste resources teaching few students and spending too much time on “research.” And they are totally unaccountable to anyone.
  4. There must be a massive trimming of school budgets. Too many schools charge high tuitions, have huge endowments, then get grants, all the while maintaining a tiny rank of tenured faculty while loading up their classrooms with adjuncts (graduate students paid diddly-squat).

These reforms or something like them are long overdue, but it will happen because parents footing the bill are slowly waking up and government cannot continue to subsidize these failing institutions. It will crash & burn, it’s just a matter of when.

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Trump Has Done What Every President Since And Including Clinton, Has Promised But Never Accomplished

December 10, 2017

Defying dire, worldwide warnings, President Donald Trump last Wednesday broke with decades of U.S. and international policy by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Bill Clinton signed the Jerusalem Embassy Act in 1995 which passed by an overwhelming bipartisan majority and was reaffirmed by a unanimous vote of the Senate only six months ago. But Trump is now being criticized for “wrecking the peace process for a 2-state solution”. This is a sick joke. Israeli/Palestinian “peace” talks have been going on for decades. Literally.

The Jerusalem Embassy Act required the United States to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem by 1999, but a politically expedient loophole allowed presidents to issue a waiver of the requirement every six months. Trumps predecessors, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, had consistently put off that decision to avoid inflaming tensions in the Middle East, or more likely because they never intended to do it.

But who is inflaming tensions? It doesn’t take much after all, to incite Muslim barbarism. The various Arab and Islamic groups have declared “Three Days of Rage” in reaction to Trump’s announcement. They called for violence and riots throughout Israel and specifically in front of the US Consulate burning the US flag and demonstrating.

Let’s remember the Palestinians dancing in the streets and passing out candy and other treats as their deadly rockets hit their target in Israel killing innocent people. According to the New York Post, the Palestinian Authority uses half of its foreign aid to reward terrorism. Let that sink in, cash from America, Europe and even Israel is subsidizing “welfare for terrorists.”

Contrast that with the fact that 21% of Israeli citizens are Arabs who by the way have equal voting rights, even women which is certainly not the case in many Arab countries. Arabic, like Hebrew, is an official language in Israel. Arab citizens in Israel are not required to serve in the military, but some choose to do so. Israel’s public health system is a model for Jewish/Arab coworking and collaboration where 42% of all nursing students in Israel are Arabs. The Arabs living in Israel have a much better life than those in most of the rest of Arab countries. Peace is attainable in the Middle East, but not so long as America cowers to the threat of Muslim violence and not as long as the Palestinians insist that Israel has no right to existence.

Trump did the right thing and hopefully in the coming weeks he’ll get the State Dept on board to start the process of moving the Embassy to Jerusalem. Don’t forget the State Dept is full of Obama holdovers, many of whom are anti-Semites just as Obama is. Rex Tillerson himself, the Secretary of State is often at odds with President Trump on Israel policy. Trump and his supporters will have to make sure that in 3 years time the State Dept is not still working on “site selection” for the new Embassy.

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This Is The Sickness & Vindictiveness Of The Left

December 7, 2017

I’m sure most of you have been witnessing the most recent terrible fires in California (one of their four seasons; wildfires, flood, earthquakes & drought), but this story illustrates just how mean & vindictive the liberal progressives are.

This is NOT a California sunset, it’s a wildfire burning down homes at random

This from The Daily Caller:

“As California is burning from wild fires and the lives of tens of thousands of Americans are devastated, there is one person who isn’t too upset over the destruction of at least one home.”

Neera Tanden, the president of the liberal Center for American Progress and frequent cable news commentator, was more than happy that “karma” had burned down the home of Rupert Murdoch, the executive chairman of News Corp, which owns Fox News.

“There is a God, and she’s unhappy.”

Tanden retreated after being beat up a little on Twitter. The libs lash out first and only think when someone takes the time to metaphorically smack them down.

“I’m deleting this tweet. It wasn’t funny when so many are hurting and scared. Feel badly about it.”

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Try To Forget Their Years Of Building Mosques Spreading Radical Wahhabism All Over The World

November 26, 2017

Obama’s blunder of giving Iran nuclear capability in less than 10 years may have resulted in one good thing. What you say? How could anything to do with Iran and nuclear weapons or ICBMs be good?

Saudi Arabia is building its own border wall

Well because it has scared the crap our of Saudi Arabia. They are even building their own six-hundred mile long wall between itself & Iraq. In short if Iran gets nukes there will be a lot more problems among Muslims (Shia vs. Sunni) than there are now. Saudis are Sunni Muslims (as are 85% of the world’s Muslims) but Iraqi & Iranian Muslims are Shia. There are many similarities between the two. Both share the most fundamental Islamic beliefs, following the Quran as well as the Prophet’s sayings and customs, and they also adhere to the five pillars of Islamshahada, salat, zakat, sawm, and hajj.

But there are drastic differences too. The Shia believe that leadership should have stayed within the Prophet’s own family, among those specifically appointed by him, or among Imams appointed by God Himself. The Sunni however believe that upon the death of the Prophet Muhammad (in 632) a new leader should have been chosen by consensus from those capable of the job. The religious differences are so embedded in the culture that intolerance often leads to violence. Another point of contention is that Mecca and Medina, the two holiest sites for all Muslims are located in and ruled by Saudi Arabia.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), the 32 year-old heir apparent is on a mission to modernize Saudi Arabia. He is the reason women will soon be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia (imagine that?). He has also recently cut ties with Qatar because of their support of extremists and its too-close ties to Iran.  MBS called Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei the “New Hitler of the Middle East.” He’s cleaning house in the Kingdom of Saud having arrested & jailed numerous members of the Saudi elite, including some members of the royal family accused of corruption and putting their own interests above the public. He recently hosted the first high-level meeting of a kingdom-led alliance of Muslim nations against terrorism, vowing that extremists will no longer “tarnish our beautiful religion.” (Try to forget their years of building Mosques spreading radical Wahhabism all over the world). Muslim nations against terrorism is hard to believe, but it may actually be possible that MBS sees into the future and knows that a nuclear Iran will not be good for Saudi Arabia.

“Drive them out,” said Trump of extremists. “Drive them out of your places of worship. Drive them out of your communities. Drive them out of your holy land, and drive them out of the earth.”

Maybe Mohammed bin Salman actually heard Trump recently in his first foreign trip as President, urging Muslims to combat a “crisis of Islamic extremism” and terrorism. I will believe it when I see it, but this may be the one good outcome of the terrible, traitorous Iran nuclear deal that Obama laid like a warm turd on Trump’s doorstep.

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These Figures Are Somewhat Telling

November 22, 2017

The “before & after” figures below came from in a Tweet from our friend Julian Assange, an Australian citizen and founder of Wikileaks. But let’s back up for a second. WikiLeaks is an online library of secret government documents, news leaks, and classified media, all collected from anonymous sources. It publishes this information to give whistle-blowers a platform to expose hidden truths about various governments and institutions around the world. To the best of my knowledge & research, nothing ever published by Wikileaks has turned out to be false. No wonder so many in government & politics hate Assange. But back to this very interesting set of figures.





A comparative study of the net worth before running for President of the United States, and after.

The before:

  • Donald Trump – $4.5 Billion
  • Barack Obama – $3 Million
  • Bill & Hillary Clinton – $480,000

The after (current net worth):

  • Donald Trump – $3.5 Billion
  • Barack Obama – $40 Million+
  • Bill & Hillary Clinton – $100 Million+

How is that? Well in a reply Tweet, here is the answer.

“You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook.” . . . . Harry S. Truman

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A Little Monday Morning Fun

November 20, 2017

Never forget that the truth is often spoken in jest. Have you wondered why more and more men on the TeeVee seem so emasculated? You’ve got to go back to John Wayne movies to remember how it used to be. Strong manly men are looked down upon. It’s all part of the libs effort to ruin our culture, our family structures, the man-woman dynamic. With something like 63 genders or sexual identities accepted by the kooks on the left is it any wonder?

So let’s see what may be the reason for all the Pajama-boys engulfing the airways.

Twenty-five percent of babies in America are now on soy baby formula equaling 5 birth control pills a day! Soy lowers testosterone and is responsible for making our men into pussies! And even organic soy formula is unsafe.

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