Is This What We Have To Look Forward To?

October 19, 2017

Here’s what’s going down in the UK. The British National Health Service (NHS) to save money in their single payer system is temporarily banning surgeries on people who smoke and those who are obese.  Patients who smoke must quit for at least eight weeks before non-urgent surgery, and obese people must lose weight before the NHS gives the go-ahead. Don’t worry it’s on temporary -they’ll have more money later -yeah right!

Hey if this catches on here, it means Michael Moore will have to go to his favorite health care mecca (Cuba) the next time he needs surgery. It may be worth it!

This is a brilliant idea! It’s low hanging fruit. Just think how many smokers and fat people there are. Trust me, I recently got back from the Mid-west. Nearly everyone is F-A-T!

The Dims all want single payer. Single payer is what the Brits have. But fortunately there are still some (not a lot, but enough) Republicans who won’t openly declare that they are socialists, so it hasn’t happened yet.

But Trump is making it easier for the Dims. Last Thursday said he was ending the illegal, unconstitutional funding to insurance companies. A federal judge had long ago declared those payments ($7 billion a year!) illegal, So yea! Trump was upholding the law.

Then as usual the whining from the libs started. “Trump is deliberately sabotaging Obamacare.” Well yes, that’s what he promised to do to help it die since it is not doing what it was supposed to do at the price promised and was, once again –> illegal, unconstitutional. The sooner it dies, the sooner all parties come together with a better, hopefully market based, patient-centered plan.

But less than a week later Trump has caved and made a deal with the devil; the Democrats. They agreed to extend the illegal, unconstitutional payments to insurance companies for 2 more years. Sometimes the guy just has no spine! This 2 year extension will renewed and renewed until the Dims get power again. And when they do they’ll pass single payer health care.

This rationing & delaying of treatment is a feature of total government control of a country’s health care system.  Decisions are made by bean-counting bureaucrats who don’t really care about patients or their families.

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This Is Why We Need Term Limits

October 17, 2017

It’s as plain as the nose on your face:  we need term limits! But here’s the rub. Congress will never vote to limit themselves or their power. That too is crystal clear. This is why we need a Convention of States whose focus is limited to these items and these alone:

  • imposing fiscal restraints on the federal government
  • limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government
  • limiting the terms of office for federal officials and for members of Congress

And here are just a few illustrations why this is so badly needed. It’s dang hard to find either the House or Senate actually in session more than 2-3 days a week and Congress is loaded up with too many old farts, many of whom are sick, near death or have Alzheimer’s Disease. I’m not kidding!

This from Breitbart:

  • Sen. Thad Cochran’s office announced Monday that it his “intention to return to the Senate when his health permits.” Cochran is 79 and would have lost the last election but was propped up by Senate Majority Leader McConnell.
  • Sen. John McCain has an inoperable brain tumor. He is 81 and will die before his term expires yet he insists on staying to gum up the works as he did on the recent repeal vote on Obamacare.
  • Orrin Hatch of Utah is 83 and can’t seem to call it quits.
  • Sen. Dianne Feinstein plans to run again and will be 91 at the end of her term if she wins reelection.
  • Sen. Johnny Isakson, 72, was away for two back surgeries early in 2017, two years after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.
  • Sen. Chuck Grassley is 84 years old
  • Sen. Richard Shelby is 83
  • Sen.Jim Inhofe is 82
  • Sen. Pat Roberts is 81
  • Sen. Barbara is 81 -and a whole slew of them are in their upper 70s.

And that’s only the Senate! Let’s be honest. Not being ageist or anything but really. Think of your own parents or yourselves if you’re up there in age. How sharp are these people? And wouldn’t they enjoy doing something else (anything else!) besides sitting around micro-managing our lives and running up the national debt?

Go to and help us bring power back from Washington DC (District of Corruption!).

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This Was Absolutely The Right Thing To Do & Way Overdue

October 16, 2017

The left is going crazy ever since President Trump de-certified the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) which is the Iran nuclear deal. The JCPOA is made up of the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council -China, France, Russia, the UK and the United States Plus Germany and the European Union.

Trump has said loud and clear since his campaign that the Iran deal was “one of the most incompetently drawn deals I’ve ever seen …we got nothing.”

For a little background on the deal, first of all it should have been presented to the Senate as a treaty. Per Article II, Section 2, paragraph 2 of the US Constitution, then President Obama was required to present this to the Senate for “Advise & Consent” signaled by a “two-thirds of the Senators present”. Of course Obama knew he didn’t have the votes so as he often did, he circumvented Congress and signed the deal on his own. Too bad for him, that made it non-binding and allowed future presidents to pull out just as the case with the Paris Climate Accord.

Trump hasn’t exactly scrapped the deal yet, but by refusing to certify it (as required by the President every 90 days) he is telling the world and the other signatories that Iran is not in compliance. He has directed his administration to “work closely with Congress and our allies to address the deal’s many flaws so that the Iranian regime can never threaten the world with nuclear weapons.” Legislators now have a non-binding 60-day period to debate the accord and decide whether to re-impose sanctions. Trump wants the deal toughened and if they don’t get it done, he’ll terminate the agreement.

In the meantime and this is big ~President Trump has directed the US Treasury Dept. to slap a new terror designation on Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). This means more crippling sanctions against the terror arm of the Iranian government. Trump’s basically said Iran’s army, the IRGC is a terror group in total contravention to the Iran deal. And who could argue that point? The IRGC is deeply involved in the Syrian civil war, its foreign expeditionary branch, the Quds Force, is spearheading Iran’s military interventions in places such as Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan and has generally helped create an anti-American worldview.

Who needs this? Certainly not us. For President Trump, this is just another turd left on his doorstep at the White House by Obama & prior administrations.

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Inside ISIS -The Truth. Europe First. Will America Fall Too?

October 13, 2017

Europe is suffering from drastically increased crime; violent crime such as rape and murder. This increase in violent crime is almost all attributed to the influx of Muslim migrants. German chancellor Angela Merkel was cheered when she opened the floodgates to migrants. The mood has changed now with gangs of men roaming the streets and young German women being told to cover up.

But guess what? It’s too late and Merkel is unapologetic. Her irresponsible actions have ruined Germany and this is the future for Europe.

Sadly this is also the future of America if we do not wise-up. Islam is not the religion of peace. It is not a religion at all. It is an all encompassing, totalitarian political ideology. And every time we give quarter, appease and make accommodations for this totalitarian ideology, we are one step closer to what Europe has become.

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Opps, Bump Stocks Approved Under Obama Administration & Other Truths

October 6, 2017

The now infamous bump stock which less than a week ago 99.9% of the population ~including most gun owners had never heard of, will now likely be banned with rare bi-partisan agreement as well as a happy White House and even the NRA falling in line.

The bump stock was approved by Obama’s ATF (alcohol, tobacco & firearms) in 2010. Why no celebrities calling for the execution of Obama and members of the ATF who legalized this after-market device allowing a semi-automatic rifle to be converted to an automatic rifle? Nancy Sinatra’s solution to these mass murder sprees is simple: execute all NRA members. Ouch, that would be me and 5 million other Americans. Nice move Nancy. That’s called genocide, totally okay with the violent left. Kill us all.

As as far a Jimmy Kimmel. Plaleeeeeeeeeeeze. What an idiot. Shooting his mouth off between his crybaby sobs. Why are Hollywood celebrities most of them, so stupid? I know the air isn’t the best in SoCal, but really. According to the oh-so-well informed Kimmel,

“The NRA has [Republican lawmakers’] balls in a money clip,” They should be praying for God to forgive them for letting the gun lobby run this country.”

The NRA has donated a paltry $3.5 million to all current member of Congress since 1998 -according the Washington Post. This figure pales in comparison to the millions donated by leftist organizations and individuals & corporations like Google, Facebook, Michael Bloomberg ($50 M) and Bill Gates ($2M), Paul Allen($1M), Open Secrets ($2.2 M,George Soros), and on and on. These same people and organizations also target politicians who support our 2nd Amendment gun rights.

Oh and BTW, Harvey Weinstein’s decades of sexual misconduct glossed over and covered up by the Hollywood elite and lefty progs may end his career. A career by the way, which made him & Hollywood millions on the gratuitous violence they love to portray in their movies. Sort of hypocritical doncha think?

According to Breitbart,

“You can bet the house that Bill and Hillary Clinton knew all about the rumors surrounding Weinstein’s indefensible behavior, and so did Barack and Michelle Obama, and so did every single Democrat who benefitted from Weinstein’s donations and mega-fundraising.”

With his company going broke (hasn’t had a hit in 5 years) and the New York Times finally outing his sexual misdeeds Harvey offers this lame excuse:

“I came of age in the ’60s and ’70s, when all the rules about behavior and workplaces were different. That was the culture then. I appreciate the way I’ve behaved with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain, and I sincerely apologize for it.”

So what’s Harvey vowed to do now? Saying that he needs to channel his anger, Weinstein is going after the NRA and making a movie about President Trump ~hoping it will result in his retirement party. He’s just another sick liberal, like the Obamas, Sinatra, the Clintons, and Jimmy Kimmel. Apparently they cannot help themselves.

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

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The Crazy Horse Memorial Story

September 27, 2017

The Crazy Horse Memorial in The Black Hills of South Dakota in many ways reminds me of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, begun in 1882 by the designer and architect Antonio Gaudi still unfinished today but progressing with an expected completion in 2026. Crazy Horse’s sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski, distrusted the government maybe, after observing their treatment of the Indian people. Consequently The Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation takes no federal or state funding. That and the great enormity of the project, the harsh weather, including lightening storms & blizzards, and the mountain’s high iron content, causing it to be much harder to carve, makes it very unlikely the carving will be completed in my lifetime or yours.

  La Sagrada Familia

A 1/34th scale model of the Crazy Horse Memorial (above) and the memorial as it appears today (below).

Note the tiny bulldozers & other heavy equipment on top of what will become Crazy Horse’s outstretched arm. You can also just make out the horse’s head sketched below and to the right of the hole that will become the space between Crazy Horse’s arm and the horse’s neck. To give you some perspective on the size of the Crazy Horse Memorial, the entire Mt. Rushmore carving would fit inside the space that will be created between Crazy Horse’s chest and outstretched arm and the horse’s neck & mane.

Crazy Horse was born to parents from two tribes of the Lakota division of the Sioux Indians somewhere in the Black Hills around 1840.

In 1877 Crazy Horse and his warriors fought their losing battle against the U.S. Calvary in Montana. This battle was in revenge for the killing of Lt. Col. George Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn with his ally Chief Sitting Bull 6 months earlier.

Crazy Horse refused to surrender but he eventually realized the better equipped cavalry troops would eventually hunt down & destroy his cold and hungry people. Rather than leading his people to their inevitable death in hopeless battle, Crazy Horse instead led them, 1,100 Indians, to the Red Cloud Reservation near Nebraska’s  Ft. Robinson. Crazy Horse himself refused to surrender or succumb to the reservation but was eventually killed after resisting arrest by an Indian policeman.

In 1939, Lakota Chief Henry Standing Bear approached the talented Boston-born sculptor, Korczak Ziolkowski who had gained recognition after the 1939 World’s Fair. Chief Standing Bear sent Korczak a letter saying,

“My fellow chiefs and I would like the white man to know the red man has great heroes, also.”

After much deliberation Korczak accepted the challenge.

Crazy Horse has never been know to sign a treaty or touched the pen. Crazy Horse, as far as the scale model is concerned, is to be carved not so much as a linear likeness but more as a memorial to the spirit of Crazy Horse – to his people.”

Korczak began work on Thunderhead Mountain in 1948. Ruth Ross followed Korczak to the Black Hills from West Hartford, CT to volunteer her assistance on the project. They married in 1950, had ten kids and the memorial became a family undertaking.

Korczak and his wife have both died but several of their 10 children are still intimately involved in seeing to the completion of the memorial. I’m not sure we’ll see it in the future, but if you get the chance to observe what’s been accomplished to date, do not miss it! It’s very close to Mt. Rushmore and Custer State Park and it’s beautiful country.

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

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Burma Shave Revisited

September 21, 2017

This is the first road sign for Wall Drug I spotted on our way to The Badlands.

Then pretty soon there was another sign. A little furture another and another, until we couldn’t wait to see the next one. It instantly reminded me of the old Burma-Shave road side signs. Burma-Shave was a brand of shaving cream sold from 1925 to 1966. The company used an innovative advertising scheme which included rhymes posted all along the nation’s roadways. I remember seeing them as our rag-tag family of 5 kids and 2 dogs drove from one duty station to another moving to the next place my father was stationed in the Navy. And Burma-Shave was the first thing I thought of as we kept passing more Wall Drug road signs on our way from Rapid City, SD to The Badlands.

But the story about Wall Drug is an American success story. A young pharmacy graduate, Ted Hustled and his wife Dorothy and their young son Billy, moved to the small town (326 population) of Wall, SD and bought a drug store in 1931. The country as well as the town of Wall was in the midst of the depression. Everyone in Wall was poor. Business was bad but the Husteads vowed to hang on for 5 years.

Five years passed and business hadn’t improved, but one hot, slow July afternoon Dorothy left Ted in the store on his own, just swatting flys, keeping the doors open in the hope of some business while Dorothy laid down for a nap. She returned a short time later and remarked she couldn’t sleep because of the nearby road traffic on Route 16A. Dorothy said, “You know what Ted, I finally figured out how to get travelers to come in our store. What is it that people really want after driving across the hot prairie? They’re thirsty. They want water, ice-cold water! We’ve got plenty of water and plenty of ice”.

 Wall Drug also offers  veterans “free coffee & a donut”, same for honeymooners. And the present day price for a cup of coffee is 5c. 

They got busy making road signs to post along the way leading to and from Wall Drug offering free ice water. It worked! People came for the ice water, but they also bought the occasional ice cream cone, or something else on offer. By the next summer they had to hire eight girls to help them! The population in Wall today 766 and the little town is dominated by Wall Drug which has grown into a unique prairie mall of 76,000 sq. ft. where you can buy anything from ice cream, Western boots, camping equipment, quilts, leather goods, toys, clothing or their famous pie. 

On a good summer day with the help of all those road signs today, it’s not unusual to draw 20,000 people off highway to the famous WALL DRUG. Don’t miss it if you ever get the chance.

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

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