Our Tax Dollars Incentivizing Jihadi Survivor Payments To The Palestinian Authority

April 27, 2017

Fact #1 The US federal government currently gives the Palestinian Authority more than $300 million in aid a year.

Fact #2:  The Palestinian Authority pays the families of terrorists and their survivors about that same amount, which amounts to approximately 7% of its annual budget. This is pure incentive to murder!

Fact #3:  Taylor Force, a West Point graduate who served in Afghanistan & Iraq died as a result of a brutal stabbing that also severely wounded 10 others.

Fact #4:  Bashar Masalha, the murderer was given a hero’s funeral & glorified as a martyr. His family, as is the custom will be paid an annual stipend greater than the average Palestinian earns.

Fact #5:  During the Obama era, U.S. payments to the Palestinians have averaged around $400 million per year. Under Obama the Taylor Force bill failed to receive a vote in either chamber.

For the Force family this is personal. Their 28 yr-old son, Taylor a tourist in Tel Aviv was stabbed to death while walking along the Mediterranean boardwalk promenade with friends on March 8, 2016. Luckily, the Israeli police shot Masalha to death. They don’t pussy-foot around like our mainstream media and so many pc politicians (“Gee, we don’t really know if this was an act of terror or not”), nevertheless Masalha’s family is set and will receive blood money annually.
A congressional bill called the Taylor Force Act if passed would cut off all US aid to the Palestinians it does not stop the payments. Lindsey Graham is the main sponsor in this bill (-for once he is doing the right thing and not criticizing other Republicans with his BFF, Senator John McCain).
Hopefully with our pro-Israel President, this time the Taylor Force Act will pass.

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States Are Trying To Stop US Courts From Ceding To Sharia Law

April 25, 2017

Our courts have been slowly ceding to Sharia Law. It’s happening to some degree or another is every area of the country. Pro-sharia activist and Palestinian agitator who fund-raises for The Muslim Brotherhood and is known to pal around with terrorists, Linda Sarsour has been tapped to give the commencement speech by a division of CUNY, (City University of New York), a taxpayer funded University. According to CBS New York at least one state Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) said Sarsour’s activisim – and her support of Sharia Law – makes her unfit to by the speaker at the June commencement. Let’s see if she get yanked from the program as quickly conservative speakers like Milo Yiannopoulos, Ann Colter and the likes. Of course Obama, the anti-semite that he his named her a “champion of change.”

It was a close vote (5-4) but the city of Irving, Texas last year banned Sharia Law by backing a Texas state bill banning foreign law from the state. Just as the Islamic State and Muslim immigrants have promised, the first tangible installation of Sharia law had been established and in the most unlikely of places, Texas. This Sharia Court, being called an “Islamic Tribunal,” has a “voluntary” court room, which openly admits it would have Sharia law trump Constitutional law if the two conflict, is being run by four individuals that have ZERO licenses to practice law in the state of Texas. All four members appear to be practicing “law” without a license and presenting themselves as lawyers, which is a very real third degree felony. This is what happens when you let too many radical Muslims in the US. I’m sorry, but they want to take over and they admit to be willing to subvert the US Constitution.

As of Oct. 2016 at least 16 states have banned Islamic Sharia Law. Of course each time another state wises up, CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) files a law suit claiming islamaphobia and calls us all racists. But do you want young girls as young as 6 or 7 suffering FGM -female genital mutilation because that is the practice under Sharia Law? Authorities have charged a second doctor, along with his wife, with assisting a physician who was arrested in Michigan last week for performing female genital mutilation procedures on several young girls. You can’t be having women enjoying sex you know under Sharia Law that’s reserved for men only. Yee gads. Pay attention people to the creeping Sharia in America.

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Why Are American Public Schools Pushing Islam?

April 23, 2017

It makes no sense whatsoever. “Access Islam” is a federally funded program directed at public school students in grades 5-12. Thankfully The Christian Action Network has demanded that President Trump’s recently confirmed Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, terminate the program.

A precursor to the program (programming, that is) began under Bush in 2005 (hat-tip Clarion Project). According to ClarionProject.org the earlier version taught students about the traditions, culture, and holidays of Islam. Then, it became greatly expanded under the Obama administration (drip, drip, drip). It’s being promoted by PBS, The Smithsonian, the Indiana Department of Education, and even the United Nations (of course they do!). WTF? is all I can say. Any yet the US Constitution or the Declaration of Independence ~America’s founding documents are given scant attention, if any at all in our schools today.

Students in this DOE sanctioned program are expected to learn passages in the Koran and to explain the meaning of those verses. Note, there is no similar program for Jews, Christians, Hindus or any other of the world’s religions. One of the learning (indoctrinating) videos shows a Christian converting to Islam who declares emotionally how he has found the true religion without any “intermediaries.” One phrase taught is “Allahu Akbar”, you know the one expressed during nearly every Islamic terrorist attack, that one?

I just don’t see what good can come of this indoctrination to a religion that treats women as 3rd class citizens, performs female genital mutilation on little girls, is known to murder gays and has a general philosophy of conquer or kill. And I especially resent my hard-earned tax dollars paying for it! How about you?

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What Is The Black Bloc? Pay Attention At The Next Protest or Trump Rally

April 21, 2017

After the destruction and mayhem that went down at two recent Berkeley protests (riots) objecting to conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos in February and more recently at a Trump rally, it’s becoming apparent that these are not organic legitimate free speech demonstrations but outbursts planned & staged by America-hating Marxists & socialists (anti-capitalist anarchists) intent on breaking things, destroying private property, starting fires and injuring rival demonstrators.

According to Complex.com the all-black uniform (black dress, hoodies & helmets) keeps everyone in the group anonymous. As the world saw on inauguration day, people within the black bloc will sometimes emerge from the tight bloc formation to destroy private and corporate property—an act of protest that is entirely illegal—but when everyone looks the same, it’s harder to tell who stayed in the streets and who whipped out a hammer and started smashing windows.

The nefarious behavior of the Black Bloc goes way back, before the Ferguson riots, the usual destructive rioting at G8 or G20 meetings. Remember the 1999 Seattle World Trade protests? A GAP store, a Starbucks, Nordstrom, and other businesses were destroyed. Things got so out of hand it was dubbed the Battle of Seattle. Black Bloc is less a specific cohesive group but as many as 75 anarchist, socialist & communist groups with leaders and followers and a set of radical tactics employed by any number of groups going back to the 1980s in California (where else, right?).

An article in Breitbart before the inauguration stated that groups like the violent Black Bloc typically aren’t motivated by money, but instead come to protests because of their anti-American ideology, base criminal desires and thrill seeking. Pure thuggery.

There were 21 arrests at the last Trump rally in Berkeley, but these thugs largely remain unidentifiable and protected from pepper spray due to the black clothing, masks, etc., leaving the police outnumbered and hindering criminal prosecution. That thin line between First Amendment demonstration rights and anarchy has definitely been blurred. Maybe it’s time for tanks and rubber bullets. What say you?

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Are We Losing Freedom or Gaining Freedom? Hint – The March Toward Socialism is Steady & Constant

April 18, 2017

I just caught this on Armstrong Economics, one of my favorite websites. Here is yesterday’s rather frightening headline:  India Outlawing Cash Altogether in 75 Cities. Wow! I’ve written about the push toward a cashless society in the USA, here and here and it’s gonna get worse. But it was just last November when India banned the 500 and 1,000 rupee notes ($7.50 & $15.00 values) almost overnight. Now they are outlawing all cash in 75 cities! Ninety-eight percent of all consumer transactions are in India are cash, so it was quite a blow to all businesses. Prime Minister Modi said it was designed to fight against corruption and money laundering. It’s always for our own good, especially if they can conflate it to be for “the children” or animals or some perceived victim group, but it’s never really those reasons at all. It’s all about control.

I do not want the government -you know the one that records and stores all of our emails and phone calls, etc., (google Utah data center) tracking where and how I spend my money.

Banning cash is a way to track & tax your every move: what you spend your money on, where you go, etc., and making judgments about it all. This will not stop since they cannot and will never cut their wasteful spending.

According to CNN Money, India’s economy had been thriving. Its recent 7.3% growth rate was the best of any major global economy. After demonetization, that may no longer be the case.

Prime Minister Modi is being cheered behind the curtain and every government is keenly watching the results (as they rub their greasy palms together). The townships were actually selected on the basis of a recommendation by none other than Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) furthering the G20 agenda to stamp out tax evasion worldwide. The old G8, an international forum (The Group of Eight) sought to address major industrial economies, whereas the G20 has a wider scope (think global governance and control). In 2014 Obama dominated the G20 Summit and made climate change the top agenda item. I know the ‘science is settled’, but many believe climate change is nothing but a massive, global scheme to redistribute wealth by over burdensome taxation and destroying capitalism while they are at it -like they did to coal in America.

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And Another Dictator is Hatched & And A Nasty, Ambitious One

April 16, 2017

You may remember the uprising in Turkey a few months ago. It was a military coup or failed coup I should say, but too bad it failed because Mr. Erdogan, Prime Minister turned President of Turkey, has given himself near dictatorial power having won a referendum concentrating all executive power in the presidency and giving him greater control over judicial appointments. Term limits for the presidency would be reset and, if he wins elections in 2019 and 2024, he could be in power until 2029. He’s already been in power since 2012.

Evil Erdogan

Turkish authorities including President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blame the aborted coup last summer on US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen. Gulen has lived in the United States since 1999 in self-imposed exile. His movement according to UK’s Independent is centered on Islamic teachings, running schools and dormitories which have grown into a worldwide network in which, Turkey says, his followers were groomed and eventually infiltrated state organs, including the judiciary, police and military.

After the failed coup at least 250 people, presumably Gulen followers were killed and many jailed in a widespread crackdown. The arrests of nearly 50,000 government critics, academics, journalists, military officials and civil servants drew widespread international condemnation and strained Turkey’s relations with the European Union.

Unfortunately Erdogan wants a Caliphate under strict Sharia law. A caliphate is an Islamic state. It’s led by a caliph, (presumably Erdogan) who is a political and religious leader, the successor (caliph) to the Islamic prophet Muhammad. His power and authority is absolute. According to Shoebat.com, president Erdogan has called on Turkish citizens living in Europe to have five children in a bid to multiply their presence in the continent so that they will be the “future of Europe.” Erdogan hints that Muslims will soon occupy Europe:

“The place in which you are living and working is now your homeland and new motherland. Stake a claim to it. Open more businesses, enroll your children in better schools, make your family live in better neighborhoods, drive the best cars, live in the most beautiful houses”

“That’s because you [the Muslim Turks] are the future of Europe. It will be the best answer to the vulgarism, antagonism, and injustice made against you.”

Do we really need another nut-job dictator in that part of the world whose quest is to capture territory and convert or kill the rest of us? Not no, but hell no! Turkey has along with Putin, been supporting Bashar al-Assad & ISIS and BTW, Turkey is a member of NATO. How’s that work?

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Trump’s Ace In-the-Hole To Get A Repeal & Replace Bill

April 12, 2017

Let’s face it, there are only 2 things that motivate politicians. Fear & greed though not necessarily in that order. One big motivator for Congress to get off their butts and come up with an actual legit repeal & replacement of Barrycare would be to make all Congress members & their multitudinous staff subject to Obamacare just as all of us are, i.e., instill some fear!

The original Obamacare bill passed in 2010 required Congress to live under the healthcare bill like the rest of us have been forced to. An August 2013 ruling by the Office of Personnel Management, at the direction of President Obama illegally granted Members of Congress and their staffs an exemption to the ACA (the mis-named the unAffordable Care Act).

Co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, Jenny Beth Martin recently opined that President Trump has a card left to play in the R&R of Obamacare, in fact she calls it the ‘Ace of Spades’. Hat-tip The Hill. Martin says that Trump “by simply signing a memorandum to the Director of the Office of Personnel Management – remove Congress’ illegal special exemption from the law, and make members of Congress and their staffs live under ObamaCare without benefit of the generous illegal taxpayer-financed subsidy each now receives”.

Martin further states,

“The good news is, what was done by one president with unilateral executive action can be undone by another president with unilateral executive action”.

So get on it Mr. President. This is the easiest way to bring both sides together and get it passed. Give them 6 months or else.

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