To Get Really Agitated

All I have to do is read the morning paper to get really agitated. So I have decided to write a new blog. I still have my real estate blog, but I find myself more compelled these days to write about what’s happening in America with our liberties and values.

Too many things (change we better pay attention to) are being rammed down our throats. We’re all busy. underwater.jpgLet’s face it with trying to pay the bills, feed the kids and keep our nostrils above the waterline and with so much coming down the pike, people feel powerless.

My contribution is make you more aware of these issues. I’ll provide links, videos and other ways you can quickly jump in and participate in what’s going on and give you a chance to voice your concerns. ** pay attention to underlined, highlighted or bolded words – these are action items **

As an example of things I will cover, did ya know CONGRESS HAS MADE THEMSELVES EXEMPT FROM ALL VERSIONS of the Health Care Reform currently before that body? Sort of begs the question – If it’s not good enough for Congress (and their federal employees and their families) why is it so great for the rest of us? THAT’S JUST WRONG! But here’s what you can do. Congressman John Fleming of Louisiana has proposed a bill, hr-615.pdf that gives members of Congress a chance to put their money where their mouths are if they vote for the bill, by agreeing to enroll themselves in the same plan they are pushing down our throats. Go the the link here to let your representatives know how you feel and see who has signed on to it so far.

That’s it for now!

Respectfully yours,

Now Get Off Your Butts!


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