QALY, Next Years Favorite Baby Girl Name?

One of a kazillion websites geared to American babyhood, named Emma, Isabella and Olivia as the top 3 faves for girls born in 2009, but here’s one for 2010! QALY – how’s that for the latest hip new baby girl name for next year? It’s exotic sounding, certainly different and easy to spell, but what’s it mean?

QALY is an acronym for Quality Adjusted Life Years. Huh? Yeah that’s right and they want you to think it’s next years most popular new baby name, but it’s far more serious. IT’S CODE FOR DENYING HEALTH CARE SERVICES BASED ON THE AGE OF THE PATIENT. They already use it in the UK and Canada and it’s coming soon to the good old USA. Slipped into the Stimulus package in February (the one we had to have to rescue our system, jump start the economy and save or create 1.5 million jobs), were substantial funds as in $1.1 Billion dolares (south of the border-speak for dollars) for comparative effectiveness research.

It studies the cost of a particular treatment divided by the number of years the patient is likely to benefit from the treatment. And who gets what treatment is based on that outcome. They don’t like to call it rationing, but I don’t see how you can call it anything else. Let your representatives know what you think about this at Rollcall – register once and then go back for each new issue you want to address.

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2 Responses to QALY, Next Years Favorite Baby Girl Name?

  1. Vaughan says:

    We already ration health care and always have. This is just another way to do it. It has the advantage of being relatively fair, if equitably applied, and not dependent on the sick person’s bank account. We should not give the same heart operations to a 90 year old with persistent organ failure as we do to a 30 year old otherwise healthly individual with a congenital heart valve problem. I would say the same if I or my parent was the 90 year old, I have been there with them. Health care does not have limitless resources and we are not entitled to endless existance. We need to use the resources as adults. Many say they do not trust the government to ration care, now the insurance companies and hospitals do and it leaves a great deal to be desired. Medicare does a remarkable job, given its size and the fact that it is run be humans.

    • Mikie says:

      Hi Vaughan – how about a hip replacement for a 60-year old or the latest breast cancer treatment for someone with stage three breast cancer?
      Aloha, Mikie

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