Hawaii County Subsidizes US Postal Service

Everyone’s heard how strapped the USPS is and like the State of Hawaii in the choke hold of the unions, they can’t manage laying people off or furloughing them by way of reduced mail delivery days. 

Cute if the Union's hold on the State were not so tragic

Cute if the Union's hold on the State & County were not so tragic

The Federal Govt is right now pushing to relieve them of  the current requirement to prepay into a employee retirement fund. It may seem like an easy way to take the strain off, but what it really does is take US (as in US taxpayers) one step closer to having to fund those retirement benefits when the Postal Service in unable to down the line.

But back to my original ire prompting this blog post. I received a certified letter from the County of Hawaii yesterday. Certified requires someone to go to the post office, wait in line, sign up and pay for the Certified Mail service, and pay more if they expect a receipt back. I’m not sure how much the County paid for the service, but the postage alone was $5.54!

We recently went through a property tax appeal and won. The Certified Letter was from the Real Property Tax Division so I figure we did something wrong and they’re going to renig. But no, the very fist line of the letter says:


Then why send the bloody letter!&*%$@! The first letter we received from the very same office a month ago telling us the appeal was successful should have been enough.

I don’t know how many others this has happened to but at a minimum of $5.54 per required notification, not to mention the man hours, whoops I mean person hours, wasted in doing it I can only guess it’s the County’s way of subsidizing the US Postal Service. . . . . o:)

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  1. Kathy Brown says:

    I am following your blog and sharing it with tons of people……love it……keep the faith!

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