Yeah, What About Us Guys?

Didja ever stop to think why your representatives never seem to have the time to actually represent you? Well I have.

They’re too damn busy trying to get re-elected! And all it takes is a quick look at Congressional perks to see why.

Do you know where your Congressman is tonight?

Do you know where your Congressman is tonight?

Here are just a few:

  • FREE PARKING on Capitol Hill as well as parking passes as both Regan International and Dulles Airport.
  • STARTING SALARY of $174,000 a year with generous Cost of Living Allowance” (COLA) increases, and the authority to raise their salary as they wish without having to hold a vote!
  • A TON OF FREEBIES from lobbyists -despite candidate Obama’s pledge that “Lobbyists will not won’t find a job in my White House.”
  • GENEROUS PENSION PLANS inflation-protected and heavily subsidized (to the tune of 80% or more) by taxpayers. They are vested after 5 years. The retirement age is 50, but with so many benefits and perks and accumulated power, few ever willingly depart at that age.
  • HEALTH INSURANCE -and not the plan being touted as good for the rest of us, they’re conveniently EXEMPT from that
  • FIRST-CLASS TRAVEL TO FAR-FLUNG LOCATIONS despite all the rules trying to curb the junkets
  • VACATIONS AND “DISTRICT WORK PERIODS” plus a week off for President’s Day, same for Memorial Day; the whole month of August off.
  • CAFETERIA PRIVILEGES where they pay only 30% of the actual cost of the food.

In a letter to the Editor, Odessa America Online sums it up pretty well:

“If lawmakers had to sit out a term occasionally, they might find out how laws they passed effect us. They could see what it’s like to get their own insurance or be in the “doughnut hole” in their prescription drug plan. They might discover how scary it is to find they don’t have enough money for retirement. Our lawmakers need to live like we do for a while. They should spend less time fighting with the opposing party and more time with constituents finding out their needs. They should quit spending time holding hearings to find out which professional athletes are using performance-enhancing drugs. Then they would have time to do what they are there for – running the government. They know how to look after themselves. Now, what about us?”

That’s it for now!
Aloha, “Mikie”
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