Loreal or Lady Clairol?

How out of touch is this guy? Our beloved Senator from the 50th State, Daniel K. Inouye is quoted in the paper this morning while speaking to the Kona Kohala Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club of Kona, that Americans need to spend more, adding, “People may think saving their money is the best financial bet, but, the senator said, “the money saved may cost workers their jobs” -unless they’re in the Union (my annotation, hee-hee). And as an aside by the way, he said:

“It may please you or it may not please you, I’m the No. 1 earmarks guy in the U.S. Congress.”

Uh, hello . . . isn’t that kind of thinking responsible for how we got in this mess to begin with? Definitely it is, and I think it’s about time, no make that way overdue for him to retire. And not just because he’s 85 years old and been in Congress for 47 years!

Loreal or Lady Clairol?

Loreal or Lady Clairol?

Here are some of his recent and past votes in Congress:

  • Voted YES for original Stimulus Package under Bush
  • Voted YES for all Bailouts so far
  • Voted YES for extending funding for the Cash for Clunkers program
  • Voted YES for the 2009 Economic Spending bill
  • Voted YES for the 2nd Economic Spending bill
  • Voted NO requiring reinforced border fencing
  • Voted YES in confirming Timothy ‘the tax cheat’ Geithner as Treasury Secretary
  • Is all over in favor of huge government health-care take over

Is the kind of behavior your own family or a small business displays in these tough times when so many are broke or out of work or furloughed or cut back in hours? Of course not! It’s time more of us and especially our elected officials started to live within our means. IF THERE WAS EVER A CASE FOR TERM LIMITS – HE IS IT!

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  1. Kathy Brown says:

    Love your blog Mike…………and AMEN to your thoughts and comments!

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