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Now that the Cash for Clunkers program has burned through the $3 billion dollars (as in one thousand millions, times three) allotted by Congress, let’s take a closer look at what this bill was purported to be and what it really turned out to be.

THE ACTUAL NAME OF THE BILL IS:  CONSUMER ASSISTANCE TO RECYCLE AND SAVE ACT OF 2009.  Don’t you just love how sweet and innocent they caption the legislation monikers? And, it’s purpose was to accelerate motor fuel savings nationwide and provide incentives to registered owners of high polluting automobiles to replace such automobiles with new fuel efficient and less polluting automobiles or public transportation. Hold the fort! This is the first I’ve ever heard that Ca$h 4 Clunkers intended to have people with high polluting cars switch to public transportation. You mean sell your old POS (piece of SH_T) car to a dealer, walk away with $3500-$4500 and find the nearest bus stop? I don’t think so! But it sounds good.

Is America so rich it can afford to throw away perfectly good working cars?

Is America so rich it can afford to throw away perfectly good working cars?

I’d venture to say that most of the cars being demolished are way better than my first car was or for that matter, than the majority of the family cars we had growing up.

Here’s another thing. Dealers have submitted close to 500,000 applications but the DOT, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has only processed and approved a fraction of those applications causing distress and concern from dealers who are left holding the bag and waiting for reimbursement. The application is 13 pages long and many dealers have had to hire extra staff just to process the paperwork!

So what else is good about $4C? Good GREEN policy? I don’t think so. Just think almost 500,000 applications X 13 pages. Hum that’s a lot of paper. And how about clogging up the landfills with all that scrap metal? And what about the axiom of no waste? To crush perfectly good running cars and render than no more than a heap of rusting metal is a crime. Imagine the hit on the working poor who drive these clunkers. They just killed the independent used car sales businesses all over the country and charities are eating too. First they’re going to disallow charitable donations from wealthy donors, kicking them in the knees, now they’ve severely impacted car donations to charities.

Well if nothing else, maybe just maybe it will be a wake up call to those who think the government will run health care smoothly or efficiently. Doctors if you think medicare and medicaid reimbursements are slow now wait till UNCLE SAM is running the whole show.

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