Much Ado About Nothing

Okay, I just saw the President’s speech to the nation’s school kids via streaming video on CNN having missed the live program at 6:00 AM this morning on our local channels. You can see the speech here if you missed it.

I was all set to be outraged about the content and indoctrination, etc., but honestly there was none. It was a good speech saying what needs to be said to kids about school. Just like what Bill Cosby told parents what they need to hear about some big problems in the black community; black on black crime, teen pregnancy, loss of respect for women, and teaching kids love and respect.

You see I believe you have to be honest and if I were to come on here, jumping on the conservative bandwagon, bad-mouthing President Obama for taking advantage of his position and power to indoctrinate our kids, I’d be hypocritical because I listened to it and didn’t see anything of concern. If I go along with the crowd some of you think I follow -hook, line and sinker, then I lose credibility. I want you to believe or at least be willing to investigate what I say or include in this blog. So that’s it. End of story. There is no story.

That’s it for now!
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5 Responses to Much Ado About Nothing

  1. phil krajewski says:

    You missed following up on the real story that started the whole uproar. The speech was announced in a very short time frame before it occurred and it was the lesson plan that the Dept. of Education sent to the schools as follow up to the speech that had the indoctrination element in it. It was over the top – a hero worship piece for Obama that was quickly pulled by the government. That was the threat lurking behind what you found to be a positive speech and what caused the outrage that created the news stories. Once that was pulled there was nothing left to criticize. I noticed that a lot of liberal editorials ignored the real problem also and pointed to a benign speech as signifying overeaction by conservatives – they missed, or more accurately, found it consistant with their agenda to ignore what ignited the outcry in the first place. The original outcry was very effective in eliminating the toxic part of a government sponsored and taxpayer funded event. The next time something like this is tried by the administration I hope every one keeps their eye on the ball.

    • Mikie says:

      Phil, you are exactly right. It’s a task to keep up with what they come up with. Fortunately, the outrageous nature of their antics are awakening many people, but you have to be on your toes. All of us do. Thanks for reading the blog and for your comment! Mikie

  2. cnoego says:

    Mike I didn’t watch it, knowing full well that obama was going to change the speech after the outrage over the homework assignments, but prior to the telecast speech he did give another speech to the students about the need to pass the healthcare bill. I honestly believe that was the orgininal speech he had in mind.

    • Mikie says:

      You are undoubtedly correct. It’s a good thing there are more and more people bird-doggin’ his moves. For example Joe Wilson, the Representative from South Carolina who shouted from the floor during Obama’s joint address to Congress, “You lie”regarding Obama’s promise that illegal aliens would not get health care, later explained he knows it’s not true because the amendments which would have required citizenship verification were gutted out of all the health care bills under consideration. Unfortunately, it’s not so much what he says -he’s a great orator, it’s that he seldom tells the whole truth.

  3. Kathy says:

    Mike…..I watched the speech too and thought it was fine………after all, weren’t we all “indoctrinated” as kids……….I still don’t like some of the other, what shall we call it, kaka, that the Big O has spewed, but he did fine on this one!

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