Nobel or Not?

US President Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009. Is he a worthy winner?

Did you expect any less?


In a collective head-scratching this is what some have said:

“In science, no one gets the Nobel Prize for announcing a project. In literature, no one gets it because they’ve said that they’re going to begin writing a book. I would much rather the President earn a Nobel by accomplishing something great.”

“What did Barack Obama and Yassir Arafat have in common? They both hung out with anti-Semites who think Israel should be pushed into the sea. Oh, yeah—and they both were given the Nobel Prize for Peace.”

I say, not bad for a guy who’s been acting like Bambi caught in the headlights of history.”

“Why not the Cy Young Award, too?”

“Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize is one of the biggest jokes of all time. He hadn’t been president for a couple of weeks before he was nominated and before that, he had been a completely useless senator who passed nothing and signed very little. He may be a great speaker and incredibly charismatic, but he changes his loose policies often and worse, he’s made America appear weak and indecisive and left us open for attack. This prize was a total sham.”

“Let’s be fair . . . he did pull off the Beer Summit.”  . . . . . from various readers of the BBC online and Instapundit.

What do you think??????????????

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