Why Not Hawaii Too?

It could happen here. In fact, that’s the first thing that came to mind when I saw that Scott Brown was going to win the “Kennedy” seat in Massachusetts which he so adroitly pointed out,

“It’s not the Kennedy seat, it is the People’s seat!”

THERE IS HOPE FOR HAWAII! For Charles Djou, the Honolulu Republican city council member vying for the long-held Democratic House seat in Washington D.C., the timing could not be better. And in fact, his fundraising figures just released at over $400,000 are more than double Ed Case’s and Hanabusa is a very distant 3rd.

A Republican winning Hawaii’s special election to fill Representative Abercrombie’s seat in the House – sure it’s a long shot, with odds even higher against, but as Djou points out in the Hawaii Free Press

“Constituents in Hawaii have been misrepresented by Democrats for too long. There is no doubt that Colleen Hanabusa and Ed Case woke up in fear today as they realize that, on election day, they will pay the price for supporting the Obama-Pelosi big-government, tax-and-spend agenda.”

Hallelujah! I say.

Ed Case ticked off Democratic Party when he broke ranks and had the nads to run against an aging Akaka a few years ago and if you recall, Colleen Hanabusa (the State Senate President) is the one who wanted Obama’s August 4th birthday to become yet another paid State holiday -when the legislature and HSTA (Hawaii State Teacher’s Union) already can’t figure out the importance of actually having kids in the classroom.

 Well parents get it and everyone else seems to too (unless they work for the State or County whose respective budget requirements for salaries, benefits and employee expenses run about 65 & 75%) and they’re not happy, so this might just be the Hawaii Democrats “Waterloo” -the final crushing defeat as we stand up like voters in MA did and say,

“We can’t stand it and we’re not going to take it anymore!”

Vote ’em Out!

Aloha, “Mikie”
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3 Responses to Why Not Hawaii Too?

  1. Timmay says:

    According to the latest poll, “37 percent of voters in the district say they would vote for Case, compared to 25 percent for his Democratic rival, state Sen. Colleen Hanabusa, and 17 percent for City Councilman Charles Djou, the only Republican seeking the office.”

    • Mikie says:

      Well, maybe we can get busy and change that ‘Alohaboy’. Let’s work to get something other than the same ole-same ole going in Hawaii politics. Go Charles Djou!

      Aloha, Mikie

  2. Kathy Brown says:


    Love your latest blogs…………everything you’ve shared sounds like discussions at our house………grrrrrrrrr………Charles Djou….actually makes sense………you think he can be voted in?????? I hope so…….we need help!!!

    Aloha no,……..hope the back is getting better!


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