Lip Service

After the recent Democratic washouts over deficit spending and health care, get ready for a lot of lip service about how the focus now will be jobs, jobs, jobs!

yak, yak, yak

After all, since the election, the US has shed 3.4 Million jobs and unemployment is still in double digits even though it was not supposed to go above 8% with the Stimulus Package.

The only sector recovering in jobs are government employees. In fact for the fist time in history, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the majority of American union members work for the government. WHY DO YOU THINK 46 of 50 STATES HAVE BUDGET DEFICITS?! Come on, it’s not rocket science.

Personnel costs are crushing the States! Geoff Ficke writing in a letter to the editor in the Wall Street Journal has it exactly right,

“Too much head count, too much compensation and audacious benefit packages are choking the taxpayers and businesses that are saddled with the burden of covering profligate politicians and their pandering to public employee unions.”

They can’t make any headway with the unions! They can’t fire anyone or hold anyone accountable and God forbid if they cannot give the union mandated, guaranteed annual raises. That’s exactly why Hawaii can’t figure out this furlough thing, but back to Ficke,

“It’s time to confront unions with a demand to rationalize pay, work rules, benefits and pensions with private industry plans. If unions won’t enter realistic negotiations, then it’s time to pursue bankruptcy! Sure credit ratings and borrowing costs would take a hit short-term, however in the long-run when bureaucrats are actually paid what they are worth and budgets and spending are corralled, the bond market will be reassured and reward governments that are sober, prudent and proper of the produce taken from taxpayers with more access to lower rates and funding.”

Ah, if it were only so!

Vote ’em Out!

Aloha, “Mikie”
Get Off Your Butts!


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