Gotta Love That Global Governance

Just ask the Swiss. I think they are fairly sick of the ole US of A and the IRS sticking their nose in their banking and government business.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal piece, a Swiss court has ruled in favor of a US taxpayer the Obama administration would like to hang from the rafters. The court panel went even further to say USB files should not be turned over to US authorities despite a settlement last August to rat out the identities of nearly 4,500 accounts tied to Americans. Not only is the administration bent on wreaking the US economy with all of their anti-business policies (the threat of union expansion through ‘card check’, proposed taxes on all Wall St. transactions, demonizing convention attendance, corporate and income tax increases, gobs of new regulations, and environmental rules and red tape, to name just a few) they feel compelled to butt into other countries’ business as well.

Think about it. The main claim to fame for Switzerland has always been their neutrality and their guaranteed secrecy in banking. IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman said last summer that the IRS can and will expand its global reach to catch American tax evaders.

I got a better idea. Why not ‘start this charity’ at home? Say right within the administration. How about that? I don’t want to see Charlie Rangle temporarily step aside from his powerful Ways and Means committee chairmanship,


He’s just the most recent lying, cheating government official, but what about some of the rest?

  • Tom Daschle -stepped down before even confirmed as Health & Human Services Secretary when it was he conveniently forgot about almost $200,000 in owed taxes.
  • Kathleen Sebelius, the next HHS nominee seemed like an angel when she only had to amend 3 years of returns and was ultimately named to the post.
  • Timmy-boy Geithner, who writes tax law and is the current Treasury Secretary was seated after paying over $44,000 in taxes due as far back as 2001 -but only after he got caught! First he blamed Turbo-Tax, then his accountant.
  • Hilda Solis, according to Top of the Ticket -Politics and Commentary from the Los Angeles Times is another one. Her husband had tax liens going back 16 years that were suddenly cleared up the day before her committee vote for Labor secretary.

But don’t worry somebody is at least trying. Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz sponsored legislation that would cause federal employees who defaulted on their taxes to lose their jobs, including the hundreds of congressional and Hill staffers who owe the government millions of dollars. But some in Congress  saw it as an attack on federal workers and killed it just this week! What are ya going to do?

Vote ’em out!

Aloha, “Mikie”
Get Off Your Butts!

I want to see him in jail!

2 Responses to Gotta Love That Global Governance

  1. Vaughan Winborne says:

    Rather than fire federal employees that owe taxes, just garnish their wages since they are a captive audience. Although this might lower their self-esteem, we need their taxes to pay them.

    • Mikie says:

      Hi Vaughan,

      Yes, I heartily agree. Garnish /all /federal workers who owe. They would not hesitate to shut you down or take over your assets.

      Aloha, Mike PS-Read my blog: **Get Off Your Butts* * it’s a grass roots sort of thing. **

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