Day of Action for Education

Lofty idea, right? But the complete title of the event held in California and 30 other states 2 weeks ago was “Strike and Day of Action to Defend Education”. The ‘strike’ part gave me pause and sure enough when I looked into just who sponsored this event I was not surprised. They are a long list of socialist groups which I found very well documented on the Minute Man Blog. Take a gander:

This ‘Day of Action’ was in response to massive education cuts across the country as States try to stop the bleeding and balance their budgets. It seems these socialists think education is a right just as they have the notion that health care is a right. I believe as most who are familiar with the Constitution that the inalienable rights guaranteed to us are handed down by God, not the state.

But you may want to be paying attention to this and other signs that this administration and all their many socialist leaning cling-ons want to and plan to take over Education. It’s government schools now, no longer public schools. And a bill designed to overhaul the student loan program is being tucked into the health care legislation because it would have been unlikely to have had the 60 votes needed in the Senate to overcome a filibuster (sound familiar??). According to the New York Times, this would take independent lenders totally out of the student loan business leaving the government lending directly to students.

Just more government give-away and involvement in what was previously independent free enterprise. It also achieves the goal of creating ever more federal dependency. They’ll have schemes to forgive the loans under certain conditions. And of course they get to decide who gets the money and what they have to do for it -like community service or membership in AmeriCorp (designed to fight poverty and pronounced Ameri-Core for the teleprompter challenged) or any number of similar government programs.


  • Get rid of the NEA and all other unions stifling actual education with their myriad of rules, protecting under-performing and incompetent teachers and stop their totally unsustainable and unrealistic automatic pay raises and other benefits
  • End tenure -tomorrow
  • Go back to the basics and can the political correctness crap
  • Start teaching students to be self-reliant independent thinkers. Show them examples of what happens by applying themselves, working hard and always striving for excellence.

I can guarantee you would see immediate results in the schools that couldn’t help but spill over into society as a whole.

Aloha, Mikie

Don’t forget -vote ’em out!


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