What’s Comin’ Down The Pike

Okay, if you want to see first hand how the government is likely to run National Health Care this is from a friend of mine and his experience with the VA in Kona to be tested for Agent Orange complications.

“After filling out more forms than I can remember,

Paperwork galore!

I was told I made too much money to qualify for full benefits.  I was in the Army for 15 years, served in Vietnam while in the military and later in Iraq working for the Army as a civilian.  Why don’t I receive the same benefits as those who only served 2 years and never entered a war zone? Those that have, because of their hard work and sacrifice, have to support the have-nots because of their lack of hard work and sacrifice.

So anyway, after filling out the forms I was scheduled for a chest x-ray. After returning for the chest x-ray I was scheduled to give a blood sample.  While waiting to give a blood sample, I decided to use the restroom.  After going to the restroom, the nurse came out and called my name.  I went into her office and she took a blood sample and then handed me a little plastic cup and ask me to give a urine sample.

I explained that no one told me I was going to have to give a urine sample and that I had just gone to the restroom, so I was rescheduled for a urine sample.

Later in the month I was called by the VA and was informed I had a 2-hour appointment with their social worker (for what they didn’t know).  When I showed up for my 2 hour appointment the social worker asked why I was there!!!

While there I asked for the results of my Agent Orange tests and was told that I had to sign another form giving the VA the authority to give me the results.  SO I FILLED OUT ANOTHER FORM.  They now have rescheduled me for an hour and a half appointment to go over my test results.  I can’t wait to find out why it will take an hour and a half to give me my test results.

When I arrived for my appointment I discovered it had nothing to do with my test results, it was to go over my past medical history.  Finally when the appointment was over I asked if someone was going to go over my test results with me.  The nurse pulled up my file and said everything looked good.  That was good news, but I really wanted a copy of the results. Apparently that’s not possible.  And they only had the results of my blood and urine sample, NOT MY CHEST X-RAY, BECAUSE THEY COULDN’T FIND IT!

I’m just one person with minor health issues, can you imagine what is must be like for those who have real medical problems?  The reality is the Government is too big to manage anything.

For all of you who will be impacted by Obama care, my sympathies.”

All I can say is this is what’s coming down the pike, so get ready.

Aloha, “Mikie”
Get Off Your Butts!

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