Wanna See What Your Wife Is Gonna Look Like?

Like the old saying predicting what your wife will look like down the road, just check out her mother. The breasts are sagging and the hips are already widening on the prototype to ObamaCare set in place in Massachusetts in 2006, as so well stated in The Wall Street Journal’s REVIEW & OUTLOOK piece earlier this month.

The bills for universal coverage are now coming due in Massachusetts.

Governor Deval Patrick is proposing hard price controls across almost all Massachusetts health care. State regulators already have the ability to cap insurance premiums, and he has filed a bill giving those regulators the power to review rates of hospitals, physician groups and some specialty providers.

Premiums there are already the highest in the nation and per capita healthcare spending in Massachusetts is now 27% more than the national average. In other words they are going broke and consequently politics must shape what gets covered and what doesn’t. As it is right now those mean, old, nasty insurance companies pay out $1.12 for every dollar they collect in premiums. Unlike the unions and the pols in bed with them, who can’t quite figure out the math on ever-increasing wage and benefit packages, insurance companies know they cannot stay in business at this rate.

And like many of us on the Big Island who cannot get a primary care physician, the Massachusetts Medical Society also reported last fall over half of the internists and 40% of family and general practitioners have quit accepting new patients.

So if you want to know what US healthcare thanks to Obama is going to look like just take a gander at what’s going on in Massachusetts.

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One Response to Wanna See What Your Wife Is Gonna Look Like?

  1. Harland Kroll says:

    If I’m not mistaken, Hawaii tried universal child health care and because of cost, it only lasted 7 months. Government run programs are inefficient and end up costing far more than originally estimated and we can expect the same thing to happen with the Government’s new universal health care program. The ones who will have to pay for it are the hard working Americans that believe in personal responsibility and not Government handouts.

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