Stuck with Lazy-Mazie But We Can Support Conservative Djou

You may remember my optimism several weeks back when Scott Brown broke the barrier by being elected to the US Senate representing Massachusetts taking the “Kennedy” seat, which Scott Brown vehemently pointed out,

“This is the people’s seat!”

This was one of the biggest political upsets in modern history. Massachusetts has been Democratic for donkeys years and Kennedy held the seat himself for nearly 5 decades. At any rate, I was thrilled thinking if Scott Brown can pull this off in Massachusetts, then there is a chance for Hawaii. We get to tag along on the momentum as Congressman Abercrombie had to resign in order to run for Hawaii’s governor so on May 22nd we get a special election to replace him!

The Big Island though is in the 2nd Congressional district along with the other outer islands and we don’t even get to vote in the special election as it is only to replace the 1st District’s representative. He was the long shot in the beginning opposing again, 2 entrenched Democrats. Luckily however all it takes in the special election is a simple majority to win and the 2 democratic opponents are splitting  the vote. Djou is now neck and neck about a month out -just like Brown was at this time. SO WE CAN ALL  & SHOULD ALL SUPPORT CHARLES DJOU FINANCIALLY!

Hawaii is almost as Democratically entrenched as Massachusetts if not more. Our Senators, Inouye and Akaka together HAVE A TOTAL OF EIGHTY-TWO YEARS IN CONGRESS, and nobody ever expected that a Conservative like Charles Djou had even a glimmer of a chance -until that fateful day in January when Scott Brown turned things on end by winning.

We are stuck with Lazy Mazie Hirono -who cannot be bothered to answer an email except with a form letter arriving weeks later full of political greats accomplished by herself. She doesn’t believe in town hall meetings, preferring the tried and true democratic party functions. But we need to pull together and vote and/or support Charles Djou for the Congress. If you can vote for Charles, be sure you are registered to vote by April 22nd (get forms at your post office). If you cannot vote for him, please support him financially -I did!

Aloha, Mikie

Remember in November!

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  1. Sue Moss says:

    I just sent in my donation last week!!

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