All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go?

Sometimes it seems like it, ‘All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go’ way out here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Let’s face it Hawaii has had a one-party block in Congress for the last 5 decades and here in our own State legislature there’s only something like 9 opposition party members. A little lopsided, ya think?

But an amazing thing is happening all over the country. People have been B-slapped upside the head and are starting to pay attention, never mind that many are so broke they can’t pay anything else!

Here are two websites I just learned about at the very first meeting of West Hawaii Patriots last night (a new Tea Party group; email to get involved).

The first website is the YOU CUT Project where citizens (you & me!) can vote online or by cell phone on spending cuts. The spending cut with the most votes each week will then go to the House for an up or down vote. They’ll repeat the process weekly trying to force Congress to face the unavoidable but necessary cuts to the budget.

The other exciting website locally takes you to a petition site pushing for an audit of the Hawaii Dept of Education, which comprises 25% of the Hawaii State budget and has never been audited. We learned at the meeting last night roughly 50-55% of the DOE budget goes to principals and above and only 27% goes into the classroom! Not outraged yet? What about this – between 2002-2007 there were 1000 new hires in the DOE but enrollment had dropped 4000. Go figure!

Aloha, “Mikie”

Remember in November!


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