It’s Not Your Children’s Playground Anymore

It’s a crazy mixed up world. I ask you:

“Why should anyone from Pakistan be granted United States citizenship? I mean really. Our government should not be granting citizenship to ANYONE FROM ANY COUNTRY THAT HAS COMMITTED TERRORIST ACTS AGAINST OUR COUNTRY- period. It’s not rocket science.”

Especially in light of the fact that officials charged with our protection cannot seem to prevent a suspected terrorist on the ‘no-fly list’ from boarding a flight  -with a one-way ticket paid for in cash. Hello, what part of obvious do they not get? After all they’re too freaking timid and PC to profile what we all know fits the terrorist, well -profile?

What’s equally disturbing is the Jihad recruiting widely available on

Hey, I’m all for freedom of speech and all that. I love the 1st Amendment and even though it tears me up to see someone burn our flag I have never been in favor of any bill banning the right to burn the flag -because for a little while longer at least, we are a free country. But in case you haven’t noticed the Taliban is recruiting openly and quite visibly on YouTube with no apparent corporate or public outcry. Check this out. This is not your child’s playground anymore.

This fun little video made especially to the tune of Justin Timberlake’s Rock Your Body is designed to recruit a wider, younger, more hip audience to Jihad and terror against the West. Al Qaeda promises to be releasing more ‘trendy’ recruitment videos. I guess they need more child suicide bombers. After all, that gig doesn’t have a lot of job security.

I spent quite a bit of time on Google’s site (they own and also on YouTube itself but could not find any real way to contact them with my concerns, so I am writing in protest directly to their San Bruno offices and you can do the same.

You Tube LLC

901 Cherry Ave.

San Bruno, CA   94066

Aloha, Mikie

Remember in November!


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