Gotta Love It!

A directive from America to Congress. And I like it. Who wouldn’t?

I’ve taken this from an awesome website, The-Freshmen-50. The founder, Brian Miller running in Arizona has never held or run for office before but he strongly believes that 50 fiscally and legislatively responsible freshmen candidates (not veteran politicians already tainted by the corruption so pervasive in Washington DC) can be found and elected.

Baby-faced and innocent


Apply the Law Equally: All laws that apply to all citizens also apply to Congress

Term Limits: Amend the Constitution to limit Congressmen and Senators to no more than 12 years.

Enforce Congressional Ethics:

  1. Mandatory, annual tax and expense audits of every member
  2. No member of Congress or their staff, can ever be hired as a lobbyist to Congress, paid or otherwise.
  3. Change rules so that only 50% of the ethics committee need to approve an investigation (fewer allegations swept under the rug)
Read the Bill: Prior to a final vote, every new bill must be read out loud by one or more of its sponsors in its entirety, on the floor of the House. Same for any amendments. Members may not vote on the bill unless they were present for the entire reading.

Reform the Federal Tax Code: Replace the current federal tax code with a clear, simple and fair tax code which includes:

  1. Tax only once
  2. Tax at one rate
  3. A Constitutional amendment requiring a two-thirds majority for any new tax hike
Balance the Budget: Amend the Constitution to require a balanced budget, unless sanctioned by a three-fifths majority in both House & Senate.
That’s it. It sure would be a different world wouldn’t it?
I will revisit this concept again covering various aspects of it, but in the meantime, please visit website to contribute, give your input, get updates and see who support the platform and want to be a part of the Freshmen 50 .

Aloha, Mikie

Remember in November!

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