Repeal Nearing a Tipping Point

Remember this from Speaker of the House Pelosi?

Well as we learn more and more about what IS in the bill (higher costs, NOT savings, more restrictions on choice, gobs of new taxes to pay for it, and Medicare cuts just to name some of what it contains, fewer and fewer people want it. Poll after poll has indicated a significant majority of Americans dislike Obamacare to the point of seeking its repeal. Businesses have already said they will have to cut jobs to cover the added expenses as a result of it. Many insurance companies will go under forcing people into the government plan.

A discharge petition introduced by Representative Steve King -R-Iowa if successful would force the House of Representatives to vote again on the health care bill passed against the will of the majority of Americans and they are already half way there with 50% of the required signatures! They must get 218, they already have 109.

You can help! Now with half the signatures needed in the House, there is also an online public petition drive to rally the public for the cause. You can sign it here!

Here are the Representatives who have already signed. If you do not see your district representative’s name it’s time to exert some pressure. Charles Djou (Hawaii District 1) has signed! Mazie Hirono (District 2) has not signed. (Why am I not surprised?) Call her and let her know how you feel:

Mazie’s Washington office: Phone:(202) 225-4906.  Fax:(202) 225-4987. Oahu office: (808) 541-1986.

If you do not vote in Hawaii go here to find your Representative is and call them today. Tell them (or leave a message) that you want them to sign Steve King’s discharge petition in the House of Representatives!

That’s it. That’s your homework for today boys and girls, not go get ’em!

Aloha, Mikie

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