Camp Swampy

Will Senator Daniel Inouye, Hawaii’s senior senator, (47 years -ugh! and counting) be off to ‘Camp Swampy’ along with Charles Rangle and Maxine Waters who are both up against ethics violations in the House of Representatives as Nancy Pelosi is pressed to uphold her promise to “Drain the swamp for the most ethical Congress ever“?

It may be a bigger job than she thought

After all according to Hawaii Free Press, Inouye did the same thing Waters did that got her in hot water with the House Ethics Committee, namely exerting influence that resulted in personal benefit. Maxie baby requested (successfully) federal TARP funds for a bank in which her husband owned stock and was on the Board of Directors. Inouye had his staff contact federal regulators to ask about the bailout of an ailing Hawaii bank where he had invested the bulk of his personal wealth. And what do you know even though the FDIC had already tagged the bank’s application as not meeting the criteria for a federal investment, TARP funds were mysteriously approved shortly after that phone call.

By the way, I know Senator Inouye’s name is difficult to pronounce even for many in Hawaii, but if you just do like I do and keep these words in mind you can never get it wrong:  In No way, as in ‘In no way do we want Inouye reelected’, not with fine candidates like Cam Cavasso stepping forward to help retire the now oldest reigning Senator in the US Congress who has been there since 1963! Hello term limits, goodbye entrenched old congressmen! We can only hope.

The reasons to support Cavasso and retire Inouye are plenty:

  • Since Inouye became Chairman of the Appropriations Committee in 2007, the Federal Debt has doubled
  • Inouye voted TWICE in the last year to raise the debt ceiling
  • Inouye has voted AGAINST a Balanced Budget Amendment FOUR times
  • In 2009 alone, Inouye sponsored or co-sponsored $445.6 Million in pork-barrell earmarks. More than $93 Million went to campaign contributors.
  • Inouye voted AGAINST the elimination of the marriage penalty tax
  • Inouye voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment and was one of only 14 senators who voted against the Defense of Marriage Act
  • Inouye voted SEVEN times AGAINST a ban on partial-birth abortion
  • Inouye voted against the Unborn Victims of Violence Act

And Senator Inouye says “he has no plans to retire”. Oh pla-leeeeese! Then he leaves us no choice.

Aloha, Mikie

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