Vote, But Vote Smart!

Check out this awesome website Vote Smart where you can get information, including the past voting record for all candidates in 50 states (that’s right Obama it’s fifty US states). Play with it a little and see whether your favorite candidates line up with your views -and- compare their actual voting record with what they say their views are. Of course if you’re considering a newbie to public office -better still, there’s no voting record to worry about and no favors owed and no ties to special interests -yet.

And here are the two ballot measures on the November 2nd Hawaii ballot:

1)   H.B. 2376 Hawaii Board of Education Amendment

Shall the Board of Education be changed to a board appointed by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate, as provided by law?

The “with advise and consent of the Senate” part concerns me a little. The real fix to a lot of what ails us  regarding County, State or Federal positions is called TERM LIMITS!

Hawaii has had an elected BOE for the last 50 years on average only 13% of voters even vote for BOE candidates. If education doesn’t improve at least we know who to point our finger at -the governor. Frankly, we should do away with the Board of Education as ineffective as they have been, but since that’s not the amendment being proposed, I’d say vote YES for an appointed board.

2)  H.B. 2807 Hawaii Tax Rebate Amendment

Shall the legislature be provided with the choice, when the state general fund balance at the close of each of two successive fiscal years exceeds five per cent of the general fund revenues for each of the two fiscal years, to provide a tax refund or tax credit to the taxpayers of the State, or to make a deposit into one or more funds, as provided by law, which shall serve as temporary supplemental sources of funding for the State in times of an emergency, economic downturn, or unforeseen reduction in revenue?

NO on this one! Why is there excess tax revenue? Because the legislature has over-taxed it’s hardworking citizens too much to begin with. Do you know that in 2009 the Hawaii legislature created 3 new tax brackets? That wasn’t because they plan on decreasing your taxes. I don’t like “rainy day” funds because they turn into slush funds for a few favored people with access to that money out of the public’s eye. NO on H.B. 2807.

Whatever you do, don’t leave your ballot blank!!

Aloha, Mikie

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