Sunday Morning Musings

Reading the Sunday paper yesterday and wondering about ‘dis & dat’:

Dems celebrate Big Island Roots & Agriculture ~ front page splash. Remember Stevens Media equating conservatism with stupidity? If I’m lying, I’m dying. Stevens Media owns West Hawaii Today and every other island-wide publication except Hawaii Free Press. Do you think we’re getting unbiased reporting?

But back to increasing agriculture on the Big Island. I guess Billy Kenoi missed that memo trying to balance the budget by auctioning huge tracks of ag land instead of making it available to Big Island farmers, when he could eliminate golf subsidies and the county band. And Mazie never saw a bailout or tax increase she didn’t love (wait till Jan -she’s all for those huge tax increases, around $1,500/Hawaii family) and brags that her job is to bring federal dollars to Hawaii. No it’s not! Quit spending like a drunken legislator. Help stop this by supporting John Willoughby who’ll  reign in spending and government intrusion into our lives.

The foreclosure mess ~ Wait for the finger pointing on this one. Worse is gonna be the government’s fix. What we need is a quota on attorneys. Who do you think made mortgage paperwork so complicated? Flat out get rid of ¾ of them, then peg the number of law degrees issued to the number of attorneys giving up their licenses. Occasionally everyone needs and attorney. They do serve a purpose, but we don’t need more jack-holes like those filling the ranks of the legislatures across the country or fleshing out the local ACLU offices acting like the speech police with the PC crap every time someone says what they think?

Ed Case ~ after his failed attempts first to unseat Hawaii’s congressional patriarch, Daniel Inouye who travels with a big retinue (mostly to help him across the floor of the US Senate) -pray for term limits and support Cam Cavasso. Case, next failed to win the senate vacancy created by Abercrombie running for Hawaii’s governor and now they’re fighting for his voters. He should publicly throw his support behind Charles Djou. He’s toast in the Democratic Party anyway. So switch parties and make our legislature more balanced. He’d be a renegade but expected to stir it up. Who wouldn’t love the attention?

Missing from the paper ~ any mention at all that public schools in Cambridge, MA next year will celebrate a Muslim holy day. How did we get there? I’ll tell you how: drip, drip, drip: by appeasement, incrementalism and the PC attitude of ‘going along to get along’. Like Islam Day in Hawaii. The vote in the House was 22-3. Scott Henderson, a 26-year veteran of the FBI would not have voted for it, but his opponent did. She also killed tort reform in Hawaii, after introducing the bill for it. Go figure.

Reading the paper sorta makes you wonder!

Aloha, Mikie


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