Another Victim of the Speech Police

Update to this story: Seen on Keep America Safe and reported in USA Today, Jan 6, 2011

NPR Exec Resigns After Review Of Juan Williams Firing

Ellen Weiss, the NPR’s senior vice-president for news who fired analyst Juan Williams over his remarks on Fox TV, has resigned following NPR’s review of the circumstances s surrounding the incident.

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This is breaking news!

Juan Williams, a 10-year veteran of the slightly left-leaning NPR was just fired for telling the truth. Check it out!

He was given no chance to explain himself or present his side of the story. This is how liberals treat you when you tell the truth sans the political correctness code and that doesn’t line up with their version or opinion.

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One Response to Another Victim of the Speech Police

  1. Ray Santangelo says:

    Totally outrageous, but understandable in light of Progressivisms fascist roots. In fact one could make the case that their infatuation with Islam is because Islam is an inherently authoritarian doctrine. as Bernard Lewis points out Islam demands unquestioning obedience to the leader whoever he may be. Progressives want the same blind obedience. To accomplish this goal one must end the concept of free speech. firing Williams is not only an attempt to marginalize & silence him, but also an attempt to chill those who have the temerity to question the party line.


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