Easy as 1-2-3

This won’t take long and it’s really important.

If you deplore the way NPR has demonstrated their version of free speech in firing Juan Williams for expressing a simple honest opinion (that BTW, most of us agree with), then I’ll make this quick and easy. Cut and paste this email message and send it to NPR (yep just click it), and next all of your Congress men and women listed with links below.

Naturally since I favor free speech, change it any way you see fit.

“Dear Honorable _______________:

I implore you to immediately support all efforts in the House and Senate to de-fund all State-sponsored media and especially NPR which has embarrassed itself and America in front of the entire world by categorically denying free speech in the firing of Mr. Juan Williams. One might expect this in Iran or China, but certainly not in the United States. We don’t need this type of spending by the federal government and certainly not in these economically austere times.


Mr. and/or Mrs./Ms., etc.  ________________

A Voter”

If you live in Hawaii, I’ve made it really simple (no huhu as they say):

  1. Charles Djouinfo@djou.com
  2. Mazie Hironohi02ima@mail.house.gov
  3. Daniel Inouye – inouye.senate.gov
  4. Dan Akaka – akaka.senator.gov

For non-Hawaii residents Use this handy-dandy Congressional Directory.

Aloha, Mikie


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