Now This I Like

New Congressmen ‘To Do’ List

  1. Find your office

  2. Cut spending

And it’s a dang good place to start.  I’ve already heard the whining that the 60+ House members “fired” in last Tuesday’s House evisceration means boucoup staff members, which in itself must number in the hundreds, are now unemployed. Maybe that’s why they kept extending unemployment insurance!

Hey, they know the drill. The party’s over. Trust me they’ll turn up again very soon in a slightly different costume doing pretty much the same thing, so I’m not crying for any of them.

I also love it that the presumptive Speaker of the House, John Boehner says he’ll continue flying commercial back and forth to his district just like he has done in the past. You may recall Nancy Pelosi, outgoing Speaker, demanded a private Air Force jet not only to ferry her non-stop between her congressional district in California and Washington but so often that one Dept of Defense official said it was reserved nearly every weekend -‘just in case’. What do you suppose that cost us? Not too much carbon footprint concern there.

Here’s a few other good suggestions I’ve heard to cut spending:

  1. Reduce Congressional pay to never go above the pay of our soldiers on the front line
  2. Require all members of Congress and their staff to use VA hospital facilities for their health care
  3. Require all federal employees who are delinquent in paying their taxes (approx. 100,000 to the tune of around $9.3 million) to set up payback plan and stick with it or get fired. We need to pare down the federal payroll anyway.

It all adds up believe me.

Aloha, Mikie


2 Responses to Now This I Like

  1. Daniel Lovejoy says:

    The fastest way to clean up Washington is to make their salaries fixed to their popularity. (From their state).
    Base salary $100,000, popularity at 20%, take home salary $20,000. If the popularity stays below a certain level for a period of time, some kind of punishment should be put into play.
    Let them know who they really work for, and once they really understand that, then most of the problems will start getting fixed the way they need to be.

  2. Ray Santangelo says:

    Not only that make every Congressman & Fed ee. subject to Soc. Sec. & abolish their cushy retirement plans. See how long it would be before their was entitlement reform!!!

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