Sexual Assault by TSA

‘Over the River and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go’ -that’s if you’re driving. If not, how about a hand job courtesy of the TSA before you can get on that plane? The naked body scanners are not used everywhere, but the trend is growing and you can ‘opt out’ but if you do, you are then automatically subjected to a pat-down and it’s not quite as benign as it once was. The new ‘enhanced pat-down procedures’ are down right invasive.

One passenger who declined the pat-down after opting out in San Diego was harassed and threatened with a civil suit and a $10,000 fine! He said what they described as the enhanced pat-down would have been sexual assault except that it was the federal government doing it. He declined, got his ticket refunded and they still threatened the fine and civil suit if he tried to exit the airport.

Never mind that all near miss terrorist episodes involving the airlines have occurred after everyone has boarded the aircraft and now TSA has taken to the grope & fondle method. That’s right. No longer the back of the hand skimming down and around your body. It’s now the front of the hand groping your breasts and genitals. One 62 year-old lady who loves to fly said,

“I will not be subject to a body scanner or pat down (unless its Robert Redford and only after dinner!) but seriously I will be driving across country from now on.”

If you’re game and are the protesting type you can partake in the NATIONAL OPT-OUT DAY, November 24th. There are other ways to insure safety in flying but as long as we succumb to political correct crap like this instead of aggressively targeting likely terrorists, it’s gonna get worse, not better.

Aloha, Mikie


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