Black Friday Alternative

How appropriate to talk Fair Tax on the day labeled Black Friday as this busy shopping day relates to profitability for many retailers. Of course taxes and govt regs may have a little something to do with businesses not going into the black until late November. Ya think?

Anyway, I hate to shop. There’s no way in Hades I would ever go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving, but neither do I feel like blogging today, so I’ve found a perfect way -at least accomplishing for me, a break from blogging, and for you a quick easy way to start educating yourselves on the FairTax and other tax reforms that this country so badly needs.

I know I can’t seem to shut up about it, but if we don’t get on board and push a solution that makes sense we’re gonna end up with a VAT tax (like European countries, averaging 20%) or a national sales tax on top of our already horrific tax burden.

Enjoy today’s installment:  How will the FairTax help people who don’t hire an accountant? and tune in next Friday and every Friday (or see Tax Refprm videos under Categories in the side panel) for other informative video explanations of a great way to reform our taxes.

Spread the word by using the share links below, and go the site for more information.

Aloha, Mikie


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