Spy-Chipped Drivers Licenses, Credit Cards & Passports

Just when you were determined to spend less, pay cash whenever you can and manage your debt along comes this, a modern day pickpocket/spy and another great reason to cut up your credit cards!

US Passports issued after late 2007are chipped (often referred to as spy-chipped). It has an electronic devise and can be read. Does this mean the government knows where and when you travel? Where and when and how much you charge on your credit cards? I think it does. Unlawful invasion of privacy?

Holy Sh_t Batman!

Aloha, Mikie



3 Responses to Spy-Chipped Drivers Licenses, Credit Cards & Passports

  1. Right on the money my friend. The problem may be that whilst contactless payment cards are pretty secure now (and getting better all the time), there have been well-documented instances where RFID systems elsewhere have been cracked, or compromised in some particular fashion. (I’m thinking here of travel cards, and smart door access systems.)

    The business of e-pickpocketing is explored in greater depth at the following (i.e. subject dedicated) website: http://www.e-pickpocket.com – but as you suggest this is just the tip of the iceberg. And continuing with this marine analogy, our key decision-makers in government seem reluctant to engage with this debate at present – instead they’re just rearranging the deckchairs on HMS Titanic; envisaging a wonderful future on the horizon no doubt.

  2. […] -at least not in America. But the 60-day public comment period on Form DS-5513, info required for passport application, seems to have been kept under wraps and it ended Monday, April 25, 2011. Razor wire […]

  3. Daniel says:

    Not just credit cards, but passports, cell phones, laptops – all are vulnerable to “drive by” hackers.
    The new national id cards the feds are pushing for have RFID technology – which is hackable by bluetooth technology.
    A whole new world is coming, like it or not.

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