You’d Be In Dreamland Too

Why don’t they just call it amnesty? BTW -this is being voted on this Wednesday-as in tomorrow! You need to contact your Senators quickly.

Why all the fuss? According to NumbersUSA:

  • It is not a narrow amnesty aimed only at children; it would amnesty any illegal alien under the age of 35!
  • It does not do a single thing to cut off the ‘jobs magnet’ that caused the problem in the first place.
  • It robs US citizens of limited in-state tuition monies
  • It encourages millions more parents to illegally bring their kids into this country and raise them into protesters demanding another amnesty 10 or 15 years from now.
  • The Center for Immigration Studies estimates the cost to US taxpayers at $6.2 BBBB/year (it makes me stutter).

Here is how you contact your Senators & Representatives. Best if you call, but don’t expect to get them. The best you can probably do is leave a message, but don’t be deterred at the door by the messenger who is happy to take a message for you but cannot tell you how the Senator or Rep has decided to vote (after all you just pay their salaries!). Then email mail them too. They will make it hard, trying to discourage you.

Contact your Senators here.

Contact your Representatives here.

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