Stinks on Ice

In fact it sucks. The Republicans should stop gloating for a minute and reject the tax deal they so smugly struck with Obama like ‘cocks of the walk’ thinking,

“Ah ha! At last we have the Democrats writhing in pain and at our mercy. We sure showed them with those mid-term elections.”

First of all, it only holds the Obama Tax Increases at bay for 2 years. Lousy for long-range planning, and because like all legislation, it was bastardized behind closed doors. Now it’s chock full of earmarks and unnecessary spending adding over a trillion dollars to the deficit with:

  • Ethanol and bio-diesel subsidies– extended to the tune of around $7B/year. Even Al Bore (of internet fame) has admitted ethanol production is not good for the environment. An inconvenient truth arrived at no doubt whilst flying in his private jet to his new low elevation oceanfront home in Montecito, likely to be underwater if his global warming predictions pan out.
  • Tax breaks for film and television producers
  • Give-aways for Puerto Rican rum manufacturers
  • Favors for auto racing track owners
  • Hand-outs for businesses in American Samoa

Americans voted overwhelmingly for new leaders who would fight deficit spending, tax increases and back-room deals. Senator Jim DeMint -one of the good GOP leaders, as opposed to the politics as usual kind, vows to stand against accepting this deal and recommends waiting until the new Freshmen Class of the House and Senate who promised fiscal responsibility are seated. He urges us to contact our Senators now -who have the final say to accept this deal and say, NO WAY!

Contact your Senators here.

Call the Capitol Switchboard- (202) 224-3121 -ask for your senator and tell them Just say no!

Aloha, Mikie


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