Excedrin Headache #9

What next?

A federal district court judge in Virginia may be the cause of another big headache for President Obama. Yesterday, Judge Henry Hudson ruled the main enforcement mechanism of the health care bill unconstitutional.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the individual mandate forcing people to buy government approved health care insurance,

“Exceeds Congress’s authority to regulate the lives of Americans.”

According to Congressman John Fleming of Louisiana, the Judge’s ruling is a clear affirmation that the new health care law is unconstitutional. Fleming is an MD and a member of the Doctors Caucus and knows full well what this bill will do to cost, quality and access of health care in this country.

If you’re like many who once embraced the idea of this health care bill, please get past about the first 15 seconds of this video and see why repeal is a must. First of all it reduces Medicare by half a trillion dollars. Any of you reaching that magic age? How about your parents? How many doctors and clinics no longer accept Medicare patients? I’ll tell you? A ton, and more coming down the pike if this is not repealed. Increased coverage does not mean increased access! We need to take it out of government control and replace it with something that is more:

  • common sense in it’s approach
  • efficient
  • patient driven
  • free market based
  • and leaves patients in the decision-making process

Oh BTW, federal workers including members of Congress, receive a fixed-dollar credit to pick from a menu of 234 competing private health plans nationwide, so you can maybe understand their nonchalance to our problems regarding health care.

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One Response to Excedrin Headache #9

  1. Elroy Osorio says:

    It will take time, but the changes will come as long as our voting public continues to rid ourselves of the extreme liberal members of the Senate and House of Representatives. This past election is just the beginning. Why do I say this? Well, look what just happened. “Ear Marks” Bill KILLED, “Amnesty Bill KILLED”. It’s just beginning because it will still take a great majority of our elected officials to create new laws, and to override a President’s Veto, to PERMANENTLY put to rest any further attempts to revive these “insane” bills, or any other insane Bills destined to bring our Country to its knees.

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