Culprit or Hero?

In its landmark ruling on the “Pentagon Papers” the US Supreme Court ruled that,

“Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government.”

WikiLeaks agrees. It took considerably more time and work for Daniel Ellsberg to do the deed back in 1971, xeroxing some 7000 pages as opposed to a quick download of thousands of scanned documents which became the source material for WikiLeaks.

Ellsberg worked for the State Dept in Vietnam for 2 years after serving as a company commander in Vietnam and admits hearing and keeping secret for too long the many lies about the Vietnam War that he was privy to as a former U.S. Marine and military analyst. According to, the release of Ellsberg’s “Pentagon Papers” succeeded in substantially eroding public support for the Vietnam War, exposing the duplicity of President Johnson’s words to the pubic in promising no intention of invading Vietnam, meanwhile escalating war plans even though there was a consensus in the Defense and State departments that the United States had no realistic chance of victory. Sound familiar?

Okay, so they have Assange out on bail and Army Pfc. Manning who allegedly stole the documents, in the brig and the public mixed on who is culprit and who is hero. But what I find strange is that we have not heard much from the President Obama administration. I guess top cop, Attorney General Eric Holder is at the moment too busy helping Islamic public school teacher sue the Illinois School District over being denied leave to go Mecca in the middle of her contracted teaching calendar.

But it occurs to me that once US and global outrage reaches a certain level we’ll be hearing from the FCC and the Genachowski crowd again as they try to regulate the internet and other means of communication. There are numerous reasons for wanting this: 1) if it moves, tax it and 2) it gives them a way to quiet the conservative viewpoint which is hugely successful due to talk radio, conservatives websites and a freely expressed conservative viewpoint which is likely the reason for the huge turn over politically on Nov. 2nd, and 3) it provides cover for the government’s sometimes double-dealing, underhanded and nefarious activities.

If you’re at all confused what to think, go back and re-read to the first sentence.

Aloha, Mikie

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