PC ‘Do-Over’ Slated For Twain

Mark Twain and all of us, have just gotten a dressing down -again, by the PC police. Now they’re rewriting the classic to make it more acceptable, removing the N-word (that would be nigger) and other racially offensive remarks, such as injun, referring to native Americans, wherever they appears in the original version of Huckeberry Finn.

Note the book is called a "Treasury of Illustrated Classics"

Now before you go all funny on me, I don’t like the word nigger, redskin or slant-eye either, and I am offended when I hear some people reduced, either by their limited intelligence or lack of proper upbringing, resort to such language, but Huckeberry Finn is an American classic! It is historical and to change Twain’s words changes history. It’s not meant to reflect 21st century sentiment or mores, it is true to that period of America’s past -like it or not.

A true scholar would never re-write history as the supposed Twain scholar Alan Gribben, wants to do in working with NewSouth Books in Alabama to publish a combined volume of Huckelberry Finn and Tom Sawyer replacing the offensive language.

Hungary here we come!

In case you didn’t hear, a new law just passed in Hungary will regulate all media directed at or published in Hungary (including internet news portals and web-based publications) and require registration with a media authority recently created. This authority has the right to levy hefty fines and revoke registrations and stop offenders from publishing or broadcasting. This is where our own FCC is going with the recent lame-duck passing of ‘Net Neutrality’. America, don’t take this lying down.

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