Not a Minute Wasted!

I’ve been warning you, with comparisons between Hungary’s recent clamp down on the media and our government’s power grab by the FCC passing Net Neutrality during the lame-duck session. Well now according to CNET, President Obama is planning to hand the U.S. Commerce Department authority to create an Internet ID for Americans.

Makes me wonder who’ll be watching when I surf the internet, shop, bank or blog. Yeah, and if I wanna cruise sleazy websites, I don’t want the government knowing about that either.

These digital IDs would be offered to consumers by online vendors for financial transactions.

after they skim 1% off the top

Ut-oh! Remember rumblings in the past about a 1% tax on all financial transactions? I do, and what better way to roll it out once the digital IDs are in place? Former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi loved it, saying it “has a great deal of merit.” And if you didn’t already know how out of touch that broad is, she actually said on C-SPAN the 1% tax

“would have a really minimal impact on the transactions, but a tremendous impact on helping us meet our needs.” (i.e., more of your money to redistribute, waste or glorify ourselves with, etc).

This tax will apply to all transactions – cash, credit card, debit card or any form of financial transfer, including Social Security checks. Oh and BTW, effective May 2011 all SSI checks are required to be direct deposited making SSI checks obsolete and easier to deduct that little old 1% tax!

Ain’t this downsized government grand?

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