Keeping Our Over-Abundant Supply of Federal Workers Busy

With so many worthy problems and issues facing our country today you gotta wonder why the federal government is wasting time and money on bed bugs for crying out loud (when you really want to scream)!

By order of the Federal Government!

In a 2-day summit convened Tuesday the feds, are still looking for ways to prevent and control the critters. This is actually the 2nd such national summit, the first having been held 2 years ago. The Federal Bed Bug Working Group, offers such sage advice as this:

“Community members need to be aware of the problem and help each other—using the example of someone with an infested mattress destroying it instead of leaving it on the street where someone else may bring it home.”

I know I feel better knowing that the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (charged with addressing the nation’s housing needs) will be conducting outreach and promoting awareness in hopes of solving the bed bug problem.

This whole bed bug summit I can only liken to the diversionary tactics we all use to put off solving the big problems in our lives. This is what happens when they have to keep our over-abundant supply of federal employees busy.

Maybe they should really be spending their time on revamping or getting rid of Fannie & Freddie which has already cost US taxpayers at least $135 Billion.

You may recall that FAN & FRED mysteriously escaped even the slightest mention in the financial reform bill that recently sailed through to approval as the government protects us from those mean and nasty predator lenders that caused the housing melt-down and ensuing financial crisis. Okay-fine.

Aloha, Mikie

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