“Flip The Bird to Iran, Go See The Movie”

This is not from the American right. This amazing stand up for free speech and national sovereignty comes from our northern neighbor Canada.

“We will not be bullied.”

James Moore, Canada’s Minister of Cultural Heritage took immediate action when Iran moved to block Canada’s Library & Archives from hosting the film Iranium. Library & Archives backed out of showing the film, canceling a contractual agreement to do so after the Iranian Embassy in Ottawa complained that they didn’t want the documentary shown in Canada. Iranium is not light entertainment. In fact it’s deadly serious. And it’s probably already been banned in America as being too divisive (see the full movie here).

Mr. Moore upon hearing of the cancellation went right to the head of Library & Archives and said “Show the film and BTW, the Iranian Embassy is not going to dictate what films will or will not be shown in Canada in a Canadian government building, or tell any Canadian citizen what film they will or will not watch.” Evan after the screening was canceled a second time over security issues, Moore was relentless. “If there are security issues, deal with them of course, but we cannot buckle to pressure. When somebody makes threats does not mean they get their way!”

You gotta love that display of leadership!

Aloha, Mikie



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