Pro-choice or Anti-choice?

I’m feeling lazy today, so here’s a cheap way out.

Watch this. Rand Paul nails it on consumer choice and leaves this broad speechless! His toilets don’t work, he can’t buy the light bulbs he wants (nor will you be able to soon), and these legislated, mandated, government-forced choices are more expensive and rarely do what they are intended to do.

They’re all pro-choice except when it comes to consumer choice or free-choice.

Aloha, Mikie

One Response to Pro-choice or Anti-choice?

  1. Scott says:

    Don’t forget mandatory solar on new construction.
    The clean air and clean water acts. Who are they to force companies to abide by acts that cause them money to implement?
    I’m tired of “American’s” who can’t accept the fact that only true religion is Christianity, and if you can’t accept that, you should move to another country that is willing to accept your sacrilege.
    These libs really need to get with the program. Most of the conservatives too. They’ve sold out and are as bad as the libs.
    If I want to buy a gun, I shouldn’t have to get permission from the Fed’s. If I want to dig a cesspool, I should be able to. What’s with this new tank stuff that is going to cost me money and require constant maintenance?
    Keep the government out of my life. I’m capable of deciding how it should be lived without all of these intrusive politicians thinking they know better than me.
    Now, a lot of what I said is inflammatory, and was stated to draw attention. I don’t really believe it, however, I have heard these sentiments being stated and believed by the people stating them.
    Where is the line drawn? Do we draw it at my comfort level or yours?

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