Hyatt Hotels Can’t Get A Union Vote!

Hey what’s wrong with this picture? A hotel chain, actually 4 hotels in the Hyatt chain (Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco; Long Beach; Santa Clara, and Indianapolis, Indiana) made the unusual request to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), “Please let’s vote” -but they were denied!

What’s odd here is normally ‘Big Labor’ targets a company for unionization, not the other way around. But the heavy hand of the union, in this case, Unite Here has carried out a harassment campaign for over 2 years on the Hyatt workers by showing up at their homes, following them to public places, harassing and pressuring them to support unionization. They have repeatedly called Hyatt’s clients pushing for a boycott. Unite Here doesn’t want to hold secret ballots, which is the law that currently protects workers from being publicly pressured to vote in favor of unionization. They want management to agree to open balloting.

Note the signs - "Legalization for All" and "Amnesty Now", etc

The controversial Card-check (Employee Free Choice Act) has so far failed to become law, despite Democratic and union efforts to get it through, and until it does union votes must be secret unless management agrees otherwise. Where’s the free choice when secret balloting is removed?

So Hyatt finally said basically, “OK, let’s have the vote and settle once and for all, do our workers want to be unionized?” Union controlled NLRB denied the request leaving the Hyatt Hotel chain reviewing its options and Hyatt workers still being harassed to support the union as they try to go about their lives. WTF?

We need to be ever vigilant regarding any reemergence of the “Employee Free Choice Act”, including their tricky “work-around” back-door regulations accomplishing the same thing without Congressional approval, or even executive orders signed in the dark of night.

Click this link if you’d like to see a map of those states with forced unionism. We’ve got to turn this around to get ever get the economy really going again.

Aloha, Mikie

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