USA Soon To Be On Top!

Japan has announced it will reduce it’s corporate tax rate of 39.5% next month giving the USA, at a combined federal and state rate of 39.2%

the distinction of having the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world!

According to a study by the Tax Foundation and reported in the Daily Caller, since 2000 Germany, Canada, Greece, Turkey, Poland, the Slovak Republic, Iceland, and Ireland have all lowered their corporate tax rates by double-digits.

Our nation is at a critical junction with our country borrowing 40¢ of every dollar that we spend. Spending is the highest it has been in sixty years and revenues is the lowest it has been in sixty years. Nothing short of a recipe for disaster.

Tax reform has to be part of the solution to our current fiscal problems. Why?

The tax code is:

  • Out of date hurting US competitiveness
  • Hemorrhaging revenue to offshore tax havens and shelters
  • Riddled with expiring provisions creating uncertainty
  • Putting unbridled power in the hands of politicians laying favors for Corporate friends and campaign contributors
These are all great reasons to reform the tax code. We all want it to be simpler and more fair.

Aloha, Mikie


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