Right to Work or Support Black Panther Cop-Killer?

I hate to boil it down and reduce it to this simple comparison, but it’s true. But first of all, let’s back up a bit.

Who is Mumia Abu-Jamal?

"The Voice of the Voiceless"

He’s the Black Panther dude convicted nearly 30 years ago of murdering Philadelphia police officer Daniel J. Faulkner during a routine traffic stop in 1981. According to The Daily Caller, Abu-Jamal “admitted after the fact that he did it.” There were eyewitnesses and ballistic evidence all presented in the case which ended in conviction and a death sentence.

"Free Mumia" sentiment

Abu-Jamal has become the poster child for journalism against racism and police brutality and for the human rights of all people. (huh? he shoots a cop at point-blank range and they’re talking police brutality!!). More recently in his idle time, between appeals (yes, we’re still feeding this dirt-bag) he has taken stands in support for working people.

Ta da! Enter the teachers unions.

If your state is not a Right to Work state you may very well be supporting Mumia Abu-Jamal just like the California Federation of Teachers is. According to Fred Glass, CFT spokesman, the issues remain relevant:

“The delegates decided it was time to reiterate that they supported him. They see this as a civil liberties issue, it is quite common for the CFT to take positions on broad social matters like this.”

In fact, this issue is so important and relevant, the American Federation of Teachers is likely to take it up at their next convention.

Union members, is this really how you want your union dues money spent? Union leaders and legislators is this honorable to force union members to support these issues? Does it really accomplish anything positive for our schools or our kids? Teachers, aren’t you ashamed of how you’re being used? Everyonewrite or call your representatives and insist on Right to Work legislation in your state -now!

Aloha, Mikie



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