3 Months Off With Pay~Lucky You Live Hawaii!

Under Governor Abercrombie’s new agreement with HGEA (Hawaii Govt Employees Assoc.), state employees will have up to 64 days off a year with pay.

I’ll repeat that in case you are an Evelyn Woods flunky:

State Employees will have up to 64 days off with pay!

With an average of 21.25 work days a month (Monday-Friday) this amounts to over 3 months off a year with pay! State government workers currently get:  13 paid holidays, 21 paid sick and 21 paid vacation days off a year. The governor just gave them 9 more!

Labor costs now makes up nearly 70% of the budget. The governor’s sweetheart deal with the State’s biggest public sector union allows employees to accumulate unused leave (paid out at retirement) even faster, adding to the States’s financial liabilities.

How much more can the taxpayer stand?

Meanwhile the vote for raising taxes in Hawaii marches on. April 29th is the day they come out of House-Senate conference committees where the sausage is made, so to speak. If they survive the various committee votes, then the entire legislative body will vote straight up or down on the proposals. According to Hawaii Free Press,

These taxes are still very much alive:

  • Pension Tax
  • GE Tax increases by way of eliminated exemptions
  • Internet GE Tax
  • GE Tax on Affordable Housing
  • Motor Vehicle Weight Tax Increase
  • Direct TV Tax

Here’s how the voting has gone so far in the Hawaii State legislature. It’s not too late to contact the legislators with your beef, but you better get busy!

Aloha, Mikie



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