OBL -Fish Food

Kudos to the United States Navy Seals!

Don’t be confused where the credit lies! Our brave men and women in the military -vilified by so many. They are the ones who got the job done despite having their hands tied with the ridiculous, lame, politically correct rules of engagement.

But pay attention to the rats who run for cover (Pakistan) and the rats who take credit.

Spontaneous patriotism at Ground Zero.

BTW, do you really think Pakistan had no idea Osama bin Laden was hiding in this compound right outside the city of Islamabad for so long? Can you get a grip? It’s way past time to shut off the gravy train of US$ to Pakistan until they turn over al Sawahiri and all the rest of OBL’s cohorts.

And it may have upstaged Pastor Terry Jones conflagration just a tad, but they should have fed Osama bin Laden’s corpse to the pigs, filmed it and posted it on YouTube. (ok, tell us how you really feel, Mikie)

Aloha, Mikie


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