MIA -Missing, Lucky in Hospital

Sorry I have been out of action lately. My dear old mother, “Lucky” is her name, has been in the hospital in California so I’ve had my priorities rearranged -which is a good thing once in a while.

Mom as a model in yesteryear

She had a revised hip replacement due to a repair job for a broken femur 2 years ago finally gone south. This time, at age 87 her choices were to remove the rod and screws in her leg from the earlier surgery as well as the now necrotic trochanter (the knobby thing in your upper leg right below the big ball that fits into the hip socket), and thus be forever consigned to a nursing home unable to walk or be cared for at home despite having family living with her who already care for her. This, obviously a big-time ugh for all of us, or #2, undergo a total hip replacement. Complications galore (no need for detail here), but for her the obvious choice was “no guts, no glory”. She did not want to become bed-ridden so she went for it.
Her surgeon and primary care docs have been wonderful, not so much so for the rehab center, which though carefully selected, seems obsessed with paperwork, rules, meetings and an overll disjointed busyness that the actual hands on care and follow-up has been fairly dismal, so I and various other family members have been on guard.  Thank the Lord she is doing much better after a rough 10 days, and she’s still got a long haul ahead but she’s incredibly determined.

All I can say, is stay active and healthy and keep the pressure on for a repeal of Obama-care and a re-do of our nation’s health care system. Any thinking person knows there is a better way.

Aloha, Mikie



2 Responses to MIA -Missing, Lucky in Hospital

  1. Sue Moss says:

    Hi Mike, Glad your Mom is on the mend!

    Bill and I found, with his Mom in a nursing home and on the hospital floor, that we had to supplement her care with an outside caregiver that would come in and comb her hair, keep her company, brush her teeth, sit with her while she ate,….! All things the care facility did not seem to provide due to lack of staff, etc. And of course, the cost was high for her lodging!

    Good luck! Aloha Sue

    • O.Hill says:

      All our prayers are with “Lucky” and you as well.
      Paperwork in rehab and nursing centers—you ain’t seen nothing yet!!!! It’s going to get a whole lot worse if we allow Obamacare. Just another bureaucratic jumble.
      Paperwork is ALWAYS more important than patient care.

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