Doofus Extraordinaire -It’s Unbelievable!

I know it’s disrespectful. He is our President, but I wish he would just stay at home instead of continually embarrassing himself and us. He’s totally clueless.

What a simpleton dipstick!

First of all he signs the guestbook at Westminster Abbey and dates it May 24, 2008. I guess he’s still stuck in his glory year when every one loved his ass. You know all that hopeful change coming our way? Then he cannot even give a simple toast to the Queen without awkwardly referring to notes in front of him and yakking on and on while the palace band plays the British national anthem!

Doesn’t this guy have advisors? You know someone to head off these little gaffes at the pass? Apparently not.

Two smack-downs in one week; first from Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu as he schools Obama on the history of Israel and why the pre-1967 borders will never fly, next by the Queen of England who gave him a very cold shoulder, refusing to acknowledge his offered toast until after “God Save the Queen”. What must they think of us?

Aloha, Mikie


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