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Dog bark bill has no teeth.

Hawaii County has “quietly” passed a bill intended to resolve noisy-dog complaints.

Bull-crap. If the intent were to resolve complaints the law would actually have some teeth. But our panty-waist Mayor who allowed it to pass without his signature, and the County Council have been skirting the issue for years.

The secret law imposes a $25 first offense fine, $75 for the second, and $200 for any subsequent violations. Pul-eese, $25 is less than some people drop at Bucky’s beaning up on the way to work! Here’s a better idea:  A very clear written first warning, no fine. $500 the 2nd time, and anyone not getting the message after that gets $1000 fine and a night in the pokey. Neighborhoods would actually become live-able again and the county coffers get a boost too.

Next item on the ‘go figger’ list.

An 8-year old girl, Sophia DeLoria was tragically killed in a rock-slide at Maui’s Haleakala National Park earlier this week. The parents heard the falling rocks from above and saw their only child on the ground injured. The father picked her up and ran toward the road but by the time he reached it, she was already dead. An autopsy is scheduled for next Thursday. Why? Lawyers and liability no doubt, but beyond reasonable comprehension. The family only wants this tragedy behind them as soon as possible.

And last, but not least -taxpayers continue to subsidize dirt-cheap golf for the good ole boys in Hilo!

The county is broke. The Big Island (twice as big as all the other islands combined) is all one county and there’s a long standing rift between East and West. Why? Well the West side contributes 77% of the island’s revenue through property taxes. Hilo (the county seat on the East side) gobbles up the lion’s share of that revenue. Their roads, parks and county services far out-weigh the crumbs dropped in West Hawaii but for all the teeth gnashing over budget cuts, the Mayor and council managed to keep the county band in Hilo (vital service?) and continue subsidizing East side golfers while cutting $500,000 from the West Hawaii golf subsidies. Hilo has had a taxpayer-funded municipal course forever. Though promised for years, West Hawaii has none. To offset that disparity the County has in the past subsidized specific West-side public courses so residents can play more affordable golf. But no more -we can’t afford it, and most of us in West Hawaii (duffer myself, included) believe cutting it was the right thing. Some how, some way though, the Hilo muni golf course survived any budget cuts so the ‘good ole boys’ still pay $12 weekday and $15 weekend, fees.

Oh well, life goes on -and then you die.

Aloha, Mikie



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