Who’da Thunk? . . . . . Weiner is a weiner

Representative Anthony Weiner gives another press conference. This time admitting to be the schmuck that he is. No I take that back. He’s still back-peddling, admitting he posted the lewd photos to a women in Seattle, but said it was ‘part of a joke’. Ah excuse me, what’s funny about a newlywed guy sending boners to women online? How stupid can you be?

Congressman Weiner

Loser with a capital L! But sadly, this guy has been in office since 1999 so I guess the voters in New York’s 9th congressional district haven’t been paying attention. We simply -all of us, have to try to be a little more alert before we pull the lever.

See even she knows

First of all anyone of us would have legally changed their surname by the 3rd grade, but not this guy. Evan at that early age he got some thrill out of what must have been a daily barrage of jokes, teasing, taunts and insults. He probably does deserve an award for overcoming bullying, but still.

Politicians lie to us so much they don’t even know when they’re doing it. The lies slip out so easily it’s like oxygen passing through his nasal passages and now, (take your pick):

  • He’s deeply sorry
  • He misspoke
  • He engaged in inappropriate conversations
  • He didn’t mean to hurt anybody
  • He’ll seek professional help
  • He was trying to protect his wife (what a guy, huh?)
  • But lastly, most importantly and most telling, he said this:

“He would not resign and he did not believe that he did anything that broke the law.”

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