On The Road Again Locomoting Across Canada

Quick check-in here. We’re traveling across Canada by train and I’ve had only spotty access to the Internet or email -gasp, gasp, until just recently.

What we did hear way too much of every time we saw a television once off the train, was blather about the ‘American debt ceiling crisis’ and that nasty, stubborn Tea Party group! I especially loved the “Breaking News” alerts on CNN. My personal fave was the one exposing the private/personal debt of certain Tea Party Caucus members who according to the reporting, seemed to be the most adamant about not raising the debt ceiling. One supposedly had $15,000 in credit card debt. Just a quick calculation tells me anyone in Congress making $174,000 year (notice I didn’t say earning) can probably support $15,000 debt -ya think?

But back to our journey on the train. We’re in French-speaking Montréal (Québec) now, but initially it took us from Vancouver, BC to Toronto, Ontario. Because of the rush to get out the door I forgot my blog login for the admin side where I actually write the things and only just figured out a work-around. Anyway, we’re off the train for a few days but I highly recommend it. Vancouver – Toronto took 4 days. We had a sleeper car with 2 comfy chairs and 2 bunks (very comfortable), a sink and toilet, and access to a shower and changing room shared by the 6 cabins in our car.

Four days on the train was enough, though it’s not exactly hardship duty -especially compared to air travel, OMG! The food and scenery were great; three fabulous meals a day served at one of 3 seatings for breakfast lunch and dinner. Got snookered one time as we had breakfast about 8:30 AM, then soon after crossed through a time zone and 2 hours later they called lunch! (could have skipped a meal, but did we? Nooo!). Way too much food, but we did our best to walk the train corridors (is that what you call them??) 2-3 times a day. No easy feat, as they are narrow and swaying (several bruises on my arms to prove it), and at the end of each car, you have to push a heavy door as you leave that car, and pull another heavy door entering the next car.

BTW, trains are no place for out of condition, obese people (and we saw plenty), as everything train is contained in a confined space. Walking down the corridors anytime you encountered someone of the more rotund variety, one of you had to back up until there was a nook or space to let the other person by.

Our car attendant (1 attendant for 6 cabins) told us a little secret we wish we’d known before we booked, so I’ll tell you now. They have Express Deals on their website and you can get 75% off any booking, any seat or cabin! So check it out and try the train next time! You’ll like it.

I’ll try to post later from Montréal where we are now spending 6 days in a flat we found on VRBO.

Aloha, Mikie


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  1. Kathy Brown says:

    Have a great trip…….maybe it’s a blessing that you’re not hearing the pitiful details of the “Debt Debaucle”!

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