Aloha ‘Oe Ko’u Makuahine

Okay, I’m back . . . . . from our fabulous trans-Canada train trip.

The itinerary took us from Vancouver, BC on the West coast of Canada all the way to Halifax, Nova Scotia on the East coast with interim stops in Toronto, Montreal and, 98% French-speaking Quebec City.

The trip gave some solace from having to first attend my dear mother’s memorial service. Some, I say because you only have one mother and when your last parent departs this earthly domain you cannot help but reflect on both bygone parents, and yes, your own mortality. But before you feel sad for me, don’t. It’s part of life, just not a fun part. Although one of my mother’s neighbors commented to me a day or so later -and then quickly apologized, that she couldn’t remember when she had enjoyed herself as much as attending my mother’s service. But I really appreciated that comment because we did try to make it an uplifting event.

We did old photos put to music; we had stories galore; we laughed and cried till we couldn’t any more. My brother Rik sang, putting a touching slant on the funereal 23rd Psalm, and I am sure mom would have loved the whole thing. We honored both of our parents. God rest their souls.

Aloha, Mikie


2 Responses to Aloha ‘Oe Ko’u Makuahine

  1. Kathy Brown says:


    How wonderful that you could make the trip back and have a great celebration of life to honor your Mom! Glad you are back!


  2. Carmine and Judy Mancuso says:

    Hi guys,

    I’m sure the tribute you made to your folks was beautiful. You know just how to do that! They would be so proud of you and I know that they would have loved whatever you did. So glad you could remember them this way.

    Looking forward to hearing all about your trip and seeing pics. Don’t forget a thing.

    Carmine and Judy

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